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Memorial Day

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Introducing Twisted Lifter Yoga

Who’s crazy enough to launch a new thing on the Friday of a holiday weekend/the day before heading off for a month of no consistent internet access? Me!!!

Yep, I’m doing it. I spent a lot of time debating whether or not to “launch” Twisted Lifter Yoga before or after our trip, but my husband convinced me to go ahead and start things now. Well, at least, start the YouTube channel now. I do also have a website, Twisted Lifter Yoga.com, but it’s still just a “coming soon” page. I’m not trying to have a “big launch” or anything like that – I just want to start sharing yoga! I made a video to explain my mission and what you can expect from the new channel.

There’s also something pretty exciting that I didn’t mention in the video – we’re going to share yoga videos in Spanish! My amazing husband is helping me so we can share videos in both English and Spanish to help an even larger group of people. =)

Although it may be a few more weeks before we are able to share any full length classes, there will be yoga goodies available in the meantime. We already have a short sequence of four gentle hip openers that are fantastic for basically everyone in the Western world who sits in a chair all day.

Gentle Hip OpenersSoon we will be posting some airport yoga and in-flight yoga sequences to help make plane trips a little less miserable. Yes – I have already warned my husband I’m going to embarrass him by doing yoga in my seat and making him take pictures of me. Actually, he didn’t seem that embarrassed when I told him about the idea…let’s see how he feels when he’s filming me waiving my arms around at the airport. Though, realistically, I’ve asked him to help me with stranger things, even in the past week. Like taking pictures of me wrapped up in fishing net on the beach…but I’ll share that one once I’ve had a chance to edit the photos. =)

I really hope you decide to join me on Twisted Lifter Yoga. As I mention in the video, the welcome video will be the only overlap between the two channels, so if you subscribe you’ll only see yoga updates and there won’t be any spam-y overlap. Additionally, once I get the accompanying website up and running, I won’t be posting much about yoga here. Crafting, recipes, and photography are enough for one blog to handle!

Because I will be focusing on common problem areas both for athletes and “everyday people” who think they’re “not flexible enough” for yoga, I would love to hear about specific things you’d like to see! Are you looking for a relaxing practice to do before bed? Something quick to jump start your day? A sequence to help relax your neck and shoulders? I’d love to hear your ideas so I know what you want to see!



Free Blog Planner Printables for June

Yikes – June starts next week! Right now I’m still at home, but before long I’ll be headed across the country and before June starts, I’ll be scraping house paint by day and sleeping on an air mattress by night. It’s going to be awesome.

As usual, I made free blog planner printables for the upcoming month. There’s an analytics tracker and a blog post calendar, just like always! Next week I’ll be back to sharing tutorials on Thursday, even though I’ll be away. Thanks, scheduling! I have tutorials for there of four Thursday’s we’ll be gone photographed and partially written, so make sure to stop by for some really fun, cute projects. =)

June blog post calendar - free printable!

You can download the post scheduler/calendar here.monthly-stats-june-free-printable

And download the analytics tracker here.

Are you ready to tackle June? Surprised to already be facing the middle month of the year? I know I am!



Wordless Wednesday – Waimea Sunset

Waimea Sunset



Weekend Wrap-up and Looking Ahead

Hi, everyone! Folks have asked me to be sure to post pictures from my first ever CrossFit competition this weekend, so I figured today would be a good day to do a weekend wrap up/life lately style post! I also wanted to share what you can expect looking forward over the next 4-5 weeks while we’re gone and then get re-organized after returning home.

As expected, we finished last overall in our division at the competition, but we exceeded our specific expectations. We were competing alongside people who are literally internationally ranked (two of the ladies are part of a team that’s, I think, currently #2 in the region and who have gone to the CrossFit Games multiple times), so it’s kind of hard to feel bad about placing below them, you know? We did better than expected on the first workout, met our goal on the second, and I got a PR in the third workout with a clean at 140# followed by two front squats with the same weight. I realize in the grand scheme of things that isn’t a huge clean weight, but it’s more than I weigh and a personal best for me! And I made us awesome shirts to match the team name (KettleBelles) my partner thought of, so that’s cool.

who's the boss competition

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I’ve been on 29 individual flights in the past year and on all but one of them (Kailua-Kona to Honolulu in January) I’ve worn the exact same cowl-neck tunic dress. I’ve preferred to travel in a dress for years, but this particular dress became my go-to favorite because it is so incredibly comfortable and versatile. Imagine my delight when I was recently asked to partner with Alternative Apparel, the company that made my awesome traveling dress, to highlight their products! Even better is that I also get to spread the word on an upcoming Alternative Apparel sale. =)

Eco-Friendly Comfort & Fun with Alternative Apparel

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Wordless Wednesday – Waikiki Sunset

Waikiki Sunset




Moli’i Island (Chinaman’s Hat) Oahu

Yesterday I mentioned I had something cool to share today – here it is! An aerial video of a “small” island off the Windward side of Oahu. When I say small, it’s actually a bit over 200 feet high, so it’s not exactly tiny! The island is called several things. I believe the “preferred” name is Moli’i, but most people call it Chinaman’s Hat. Some of y’all may have seen this photo yesterday:

Chinaman's Hat from Kualoa Regional Park

This video clip is a 360º tour around the island using our new photography drone! The drone is really cool because it allows for two operators. My husband can fly it while I control the camera! Well, we could do it the other way around, but since he’s far better at flying and I’m better at photography this way makes more sense. This video was our first attempt to use something called the “point of interest” function where the drone automatically circles a designated point of interest at the height, radius, and speed you set. At first I was trying not to move the camera gimbal so the beginning and end would line up exactly, but it turned out I needed to make some adjustments so parts of the island wouldn’t be cut off from time to time. It’s definitely a learning process. =) In spite of its beginner feel, I really hope you enjoy this tour of a small portion of Oahu.

Yes, those are kayaks and people you see moving around! They help give the island a sense of scale if you can spot them. Please let me know if you enjoyed this little tour of Hawaii from the sky so I know whether or not I should share more videos like this in the future!



Motivational Monday – Life is Like the Ocean

Happy Monday, everyone!

I was sorry to have to crop this photo to an 8×10 ratio for today’s Motivational Monday printable. I absolutely love the full shot! But it wasn’t a very helpful ratio for a printable, so I cropped it and added the quotation “Life is like the ocean. It can be calm and still or rough and rigid. But in the end it’s always beautiful.”

Life is Like the Ocean

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Wow – it has been forever since I shared a tutorial, hasn’t it? Guess I’ve been busy or something! Anyway, today’s tutorial was inspire by my husband. He kept asking for a shopping list chalkboard to hang in the kitchen. We don’t keep anything on the fridge (expect our ‘no budget budgeting’ sheet for the month), so we don’t have a running notepad to keep track of what we run out of or need to pick up at the store. We kept not buying a chalkboard and he kept being sad we didn’t have one, so the other day I pulled out some crafting supplies and made a DIY shipping list chalkboard!

DIY shopping list chalkboard with free silhouette studio file

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