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Why wouldn’t you want a colorful flower garland? It’s great for weddings, showers, parties, or even just home decor (wouldn’t it look super cute draped around a fireplace in spring or summer?). It can be a little time-consuming to make a lot of, but it makes up for this by being easy and inexpensive. I cut several garland’s worth of flowers by hand before purchasing a Silhouette machine, so this tutorial includes free downloadable PDF and Silhouette files for the two sizes of plumaria flower. Grab your colored cardstock and let’s get going!

DIY Paper Flower Lei Garland

Oh, and just in case you are wondering – yes, this is part of my DIY wedding tutorial series. I used these garlands to create a wedding arch. I also made way, way more flowers than I ultimately used because I had this idea about fitting the weighted flowerpot supports with additional flowers. Instead, it was so windy that my cousins ended up using large chunks of cement to hold the arch in place! Ah, well. The flowers still looked nice. =)

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Wordless Wednesday – Sea Arch

sea arch



Monday Dose of Cute – Mother Hen

mama hen



I used to work with a complete germaphobe. I mean, this guy would carry a bottle of hand sanitizer from his belt loop with a carabiner. No joke. He would constantly point out things at meetings and gatherings that he thought were reprehensible and unsanitary, and sometimes he had a point. A few people grabbing chips from the same bowl, picking up ice, or inadvertently touching half the flatware in a cup while getting what they needed would make him cringe and complain for days. Growing up, I saw my parents plan carefully for dinners and gatherings to help ensure food and utensils remained ‘uncontaminated,’ and I have a minor in hospitality and tourism management (with one class, in particular, that stressed food safety and made us get our ServSafe certification), so all these experiences led me to think carefully about how to set up the buffet at our self-catered wedding reception.

One of the things I absolutely knew I needed to avoid was sticking forks and knives in a communal jar, and I also knew loose napkins would fly away in the breeze. Making up these silverware packets ahead of time solved both problems for me! The flatware was neatly, cleanly contained and easy for people to pick up without stalling the food line, and the napkins avoided being blown all over the ground. Although making up 50+ of these packets seemed like a daunting task, I realized it was easy to streamline the process and was able to knock them out pretty quickly. The leftovers are working hard, too – I’ve been putting them in with Papi Chulo’s lunch so he can have chocolate pudding! These silverware packets are ideal for a DIY reception, backyard party, a picnic, or even just a regular weekday lunch. I hope you enjoy the idea and can put it to use!

Cute and Easy DIY Silverware Packets

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Wordless Wednesday – Rain Chain

rain chain




Etsy Treasury Tuesday – Stormy Weather

We missed most of the hurricane(s) during the past week, but wind and rain have been on my mind quite a bit recently! Because of that, this week’s Etsy treasury is called Stormy Weather.

etsy treasuryHow’s your weather been?




Monday Dose of Cute – Balanced Meal

This bird was having fun grabbing snacks of some sort out of the pipe! What I liked most about it was the unique, long feathers on either side. I’d never seen anything quite like it before.

pond bird



I’m so excited to share my first tutorial in over a month!! It’s also the first of many planned DIY wedding tutorials, but it isn’t only useful for weddings. Today I’m sharing how to make super easy, inexpensive tablecloth weights. They’re so simple I’m really not sure why I haven’t seen more people making them for picnics, camping, or even backyard cookouts!

Easy DIY Wedding Tablecloth Weights

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Wordless Wednesday – Lihue





Etsy Treasury Tuesday – August Greens

It’s my first treasury in about a month! I had fun making this one because it centers around bright, beautiful greens inspired by August’s birthstone – period. Here’s my latest treasury, August Greens.

etsy treasury

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