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I’ve spent most of my life in costal states. Even though I don’t really enjoy just sitting on the beach, being near the ocean is important to me and I definitely think of myself as a costal person. I happen to live in a warm costal place, but I know there are plenty of cold costal locations, too! That’s why I decided to make and share a sea shell Christmas tree topiary instead of making something more tropical or Hawaiian.

Coastal Christmas Tree Shell Topiary Tutorial

Even though my husband saw my finished project and immediately said “It’s a Christmas tree!” I’m hoping to keep it on display past Christmas. I think if you left the starfish off the top it would be great any time of year, particularly at a beach house. [click to continue…]


Wordless Wednesday – Crafty Preview

costal christmas tree



Etsy Treasury Tuesday – Birthday Wishes

As weird as it seems to me, my birthday is this week. It’s actually pretty difficult for me to accept, mostly because it doesn’t feel like fall. Having a late November birthday means I’ve always associated fall with the day. It’s never on Thanksgiving, but always close – sometimes it was even close enough to get me a half day at school before Thanksgiving break! Living in Hawaii, it’s difficult to keep track of the seasons and, as a result, I don’t feel like my birthday is coming up soon. Adding to that feeling is knowing I already have my presents from my husband because he won’t be home on my birthday. Nevertheless, I don’t need much of an excuse to look for things I’d love to own on Etsy, so here’s my latest treasury: Birthday Wishes.

etsy treasury




Monday Dose of Cute – Sneaking a Snack

Pound for pound, guinea pigs have to be one of the most amusing pets out there.




I think the spookiest thing about Halloween is how quickly all the decorations and costumes are replaced by Christmas ornaments and lights! Because I personally don’t like to decorate anything for Christmas until well into the month of December, it feels a little odd to write a Christmas ornament tutorial in November, but I know that making handmade items takes time and you have to plan ahead. That’s why I’m sharing these cute felt ornaments today and not hanging on to the tutorial for a few more weeks! They’re cute, easy to customize, don’t require any stuffing, and are inexpensive to make. I also think they’d make a super cute garland, don’t you?

easy felt Christmas Ornaments w Free Printable Patterns

Papi Chulo apparently does not share my concerns about decorating too early – he seemed pretty excited that I was already making ornaments for our tree-to-be. Last year we just had a big bin of colorful balls and two or three other ornaments we picked up. Oh, and, of course, my upcycled book page ornaments. Hopefully this year our tree can have a little more character!

[click to continue…]


Wordless Wednesday – Microgreens




Monday Dose of Cute – Bottoms Up!

bottom's up



In a continuing effort to share my work with others looking for lesson plans and activities, here is a DBQ for high school US History students dealing with the first executive. It has both primary source excerpts and charts that require analysis and interpretation. Feel free to use/modify it to suit your needs. For more on this period, please check out my post with a link to my PowerPoint on the Articles of Confederation and the Constitutional Convention!

If you’re here because you’re looking to resources to help with yours student teaching/internship experience, I invite you to look at my other student teaching recourses, including posts on:

The First Executive US History DBQ


I’m such a wild and crazy person that I’m publishing my fourth tutorial on how to make something I sell in my Etsy shop! As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve received a couple snide remarks in the past about how a real professional wouldn’t “give away” knowledge, but I think that’s a bunch of nonsense. I think if someone wants to make something, they’re going to give it a try with or without my help! In that spirit, today’s tutorial is how to make an adjustable yoga mat carrier slip strap. That’s a lot of words, but I think it’s the most accurate description! Unlike a fitted carrier strap that I also make, this strap is totally adjustable, giving it a more universal fit.

Adjustable Yoga Mat Sling Tutorial

You can use a wide variety of fabrics, but very lightweight quilting cottons won’t work unless your yoga mat is very light. I use medium/heavy cotton prints because they’re fun, but if you use canvas or duck, your mat sling can double as a yoga strap to help you with those poses that make your legs seem too long. ;-) [click to continue…]


Wordless Wednesday – Watercolor WIP

watercolor wip


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