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Introducing Wellbeing Wednesday

Did you know that September is “Self Improvement Month?” Yeah, I didn’t either until really recently. Who comes up with all these days and months, anyway? And speaking of questions, what do you think of my new series name “Wellbeing Wednesday?” Wednesday posts will include the motivational printables that used to live on Mondays, but may also include other wellbeing-related things like guided meditations.

Today’s printable was inspired by the self improvement theme. I think it’s important to remain humble and remember that life isn’t a competition. Self improvement is fantastic, but you should only ever try to be better than the “past you” and not worry about comparing yourself constantly to others. It’s all too easy for comparison to make you feel like you’re a failure or can tempt you into feeling superior to others, when really we’re all on our own private journeys and doing the best we can with the day. In fact, some times it’s not even worth comparing yourself to yourself all that hard! Today is today – just do the best with it you can and don’t worry if it’s not as “good” as yesterday or not as “perfect” as you’d imagined.

"There is nothing noble..." free printable

If this is your first time visiting and you don’t know – all motivational printables are available as high resolution 8×10 files in the Members’ Area. All you have to do to receive the password is sign up for my once weekly newsletter!

Hope y’all are having a fantastic week!



Free Blog Planner Printables for October

When I was typing the title for this post I actually started typing “September” before I caught myself and had to change it to October! Wow, October starts in a week. Unreal, right? Anyway, this post has free blog planner printables for October, not September. =) I hope you enjoy using them and see a satisfactory amount of growth when compared to last month!

Free Blog Planner Printables for October!

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Friday Photoshare – The Doctor Is in Editing Steps

Welcome to another Friday Photoshare! Blogging Business Artisans teammate recently called in my “Fabulous Friday” series, and I think that name is pretty awesome. Thanks, Pam!

This week I’m sharing not only the finished photo, but a bit of the process, too. Some of you may have already seen this photo earlier this week on Instagram, Flickr, or my FB Page:The Doctor Is in

This is the first time I’ve successfully talked my husband into getting in front of the camera and playing subject, so I’m very excited! Hopefully he’ll be more comfortable with additional portraits in the future, now that he sees how awesome they can be. =) [click to continue…]


How to Make a Spiral Ribbon Lei Is Live!

Woo-hoo!!! My very first Skillshare class is live! Now folks from all over the world can watch How to Make a Spiral Ribbon Lei. It’s pretty cool how about $5 worth of materials can turn into something as beautiful as this:

how to make a spiral ribbon lei Skillshare class

Thanks so much to everyone who left feedback on the intro video last week. It was really helpful and I appreciate it! If you didn’t see that draft version, or just want to see the intro titles and hear some catchy music, here’s the final version of the intro video:

After a lot of thinking on it, I decided to make the class “Premium” instead of free, but the first 25 blog readers who sign up using this link will receive the class completely free!

Every single sign up means a lot to me, so if you even think you may want to make one of these lei in the future, I’d really appreciate if you could use the free enrollment link. =) As a quality control measure, classes have to have 25 students before they will appear on the “trending” page, so the class is virtually invisible on the platform until I get more enrollments. Thank you so much for helping me out – I really appreciate it!

If you like what you see on Skillshare and want to make the switch to Premium, you can use this link to receive an unlimited, 3 month membership for only 99 cents

If you’re wondering what the heck Skillshare is, I have a post comparing and contrasting my two favorite online learning platforms right here. =)

If you’re not ready to jump on a new learning platform or think the spiral lei looks a bit intense (although I promise you that it is so super easy! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sewed before and you don’t even really have to measure anything), I have other ribbon lei tutorials available on my blog. They’re just photos, not full video tutorials, but they’re a great place to start. You can see my most basic, 2 strand ribbon lei here and a slightly fancier 4 strand braided ribbon lei here. There’s also this beauty, a four strand lei with picot ribbon:

How to Make a Tricolor Braided Ribbon Lei

Now that I’ve done a video class for making a lei, I’m kind of tempted to make more Skillshare classes on lei making. It is so much easier to see the process in motion than learn it from still pictures!

What do you think? Should I do video classes for other types of lei, too?

Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback and I hope y’all enjoy the class!



One Final Wordless Wednesday

Milky Way galaxy from Ka'ena Point, Oahu



Yin Yoga for Releasing the Psoas

Recently I had a viewer request (woo hoo!) for a yin yoga class for releasing the psoas, so that’s the theme of this week’s practice. =)

The psoas has become quite popular in recent years, and people get pretty excited about “releasing” this large hip flexor. It’s easy to get carried away, though, and people do all manner of somewhat silly and potentially harmful things while attempting to ‘release the psoas.’ It won’t come as a surprise to regular readers that this yin-style class takes a more gentle approach to things. No rolling around on kettlbells or prodding your midsection with your fingers here!

Yin Yoga to Release the Psoas

The practice begins with a simple way to actually figure out where your psoas is and feel it contract so you can become more in tune with it, as well as an explanation of how any yoga practice can, in fact, help release the psoas by relieving tension. From there we move through a sequence to help lengthen and strengthen this important muscle.

As usual for me, there is no pigeon pose in this practice. Although what we call pigeon, which isn’t actually the full traditional pigeon pose, is quite popular, it also has the potential to be dangerous for the knees, especially for people who have ‘tight hips.’ Since I typically go for a more gentle approach and there are plenty of asanas that work the hips, I have not included pigeon in any video to date. I usually don’t include it in my personal practice, either, and prefer to take a deep lizard lunge, instead. It definitely gets into the hips and doesn’t put awkward pressure on the knees!

We’ll have to see how things go, but I may not have a yoga video to share for a couple of weeks. As I mentioned Monday, I’m about to head off to Colorado – hooray! Things are very busy between now and then, too, so we’ll just have to see what happens.

Are there any ‘popular’ asanas than you avoid because of your body’s needs?



Motivational Monday – Every Sunset

Happy Monday!!!

Hmmm, maybe that was a little too cheerful for a Monday…

Anyway, I’m very excited to announce that this is hopefully going to be my last Motivational Monday. “How is that exciting?” you might ask. It’s exciting because I’m moving my motivational posts to Wednesdays!

See, I’ve been thinking about my blog posts quite a bit and, as much as I love sharing a “Wordless Wednesday” photo, I’m going to try bidding farewell to the theme. For starters, wordless isn’t easy for me! I want to talk about the picture and share what’s going on or the story behind it. For another thing, while it doesn’t take that much time and it is a blog post, which is nice, I don’t think the series is really serving me or readers as much as I’d like. I’ll keep sharing photos on Fridays with a bit of information about the picture, but Wordless Wednesday will be saying “ttfn” after I return home from Colorado.

In early October, the usual Monday posts will be moving to Wednesday, and Mondays will become more oriented towards additional content with words. I’m still thinking over exactly what I want to do on Mondays, but I’m sure it will involve words!

I had these thoughts in mind when I decided on the quotation for this week’s Motivational Monday printable:


The sun is setting on the Monday post series I started a year ago and on Wordless Wednesday, which I’ve done nearly every week since I began blogging, but new things will take their place and I’m excited for them. =)

Whens’ the last time you made a big change to your blogging schedule? What motivated you to make the change?



Friday Photoshare – Flidais

It’s Friday, so that means Photoshare time! This one is called “Flidais, Irish goddess of forests and animals, finds an abandoned egg.” Kind of a long title, isn’t it?

I’ve heard Flidais pronounced both as “Flee-ish” and “Flit-ish,” and seen it spelled three or four different ways, so I guess things are up to interpretation! Anyway, Flidais is known for being a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, Celtic supernatural beings in pre-Christian Ireland who were later portrayed as something more like mythical heroes or characters of legend by monks. According to some stories, the Tuatha Dé Danann were not truly deities, but incredibly powerful druids. Flidais is said to have been a shape changer who rode in a chariot drawn by deer (she also apparently owned a herd of magical cattle . It makes sense to me that she would want to care for an egg found abandon, which is why I decided to pose the way I did with the egg held carefully in both hands. Yep, I’m a big history nerd! I hope you enjoyed that little bit of mythology. =)


I may or may not be able to share a self-portrait next Friday because the week ahead will be very busy for me, but I know I’ll be sharing plenty of photos in a few weeks once I get back from Promoting Passion!

I hope y’all have an enjoyable, safe weekend. Happy Aloha Friday.



Hey, everyone!!

As I mentioned Monday, this month I’m publishing my first Skillshare class. Exciting! I’m working on filming the class right now, and I have a draft of the intro up on YouTube. I’ll probably add some “titles” at the beginning, but I’m interested in getting some feedback first. I’d really appreciate it if you have a couple of spare minutes to watch and can let me know what you think. Is it clear as an intro? Does it spark any interest in the project?

With a little luck and a lot of work, next Thursday I’ll be able to share the completed class! Skillshare has options for both “free” and “Premium” classes, and I’m leaning towards at least starting this class of as a free one. That may change in the future, but I’ll probably leave it as free for at least the first couple of months as I try to create additional classes and hopefully grow my Skillshare audience. For folks that have previously published Skillsahre classes, what is your strategy? Did you start by making your class free, or did you go Premium from day one?



Wordless Wednesday – Rainy Day Sunset

Kaena Point Sunset


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