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The Yoga Yamas – Yoga Philosophy and Ahimsa

Sharing alternate nostril breathing in last week’s yoga video got me thinking about aspects of yoga that aren’t commonly practiced in yoga classes here in the West, so I decided to start a new series on yoga philosophy. Yoga asana, or the physical postures, are only one of the eight limbs of the eightfold path of yoga! Yoga philosophy is what sets yoga apart as a mental and spiritual practice, not just a different way to do gymnastics or calisthenics. I’m beginning at the beginning with the first path, the yamas, or restraints. I hope you enjoy and join in the discussion!

Yoga philosophy - yoga yamas and ahimsa

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The Journey to Abundant Self Love is Live!

I am delighted to announce that Journey to Abundant Self Love is now live! It’s both exciting and a bit scary to have my first full length e-course available. Even though I’ve looked over everything a zillion times and have clicked every link, I’m afraid there will be a silly typo I somehow missed repeatedly or something I forgot to link correctly. I’d better get used to the feeling, though, because I’ve been invited to teach a class on Skillshare! Next month I’ll be publishing a crafting class on the platform, probably on a yet another way to craft a ribbon lei (not sure what Skillshare is? I have a whole post about Skillshare and Craftsy and why they’re my two favorite places to learn new skills online.)

Although I’m sure regular readers have seen in my now, you can find all the course details in last Thursday’s post. You can also see the abridged details and purchase the class right here.

Journey to Abundant Self Love e-course

If you’re waiting to finish the 5 Day Mindset Reset Challenge so you can use that coupon code or for the “right” time to start, that’s fine – enrollment will be open and ongoing, so you won’t miss any start date or deadline or anything of that nature.

A big part of loving yourself is accepting who/where/how you are right now. That may sound strange, but nurturing yourself from a place of love while appreciating what you can already do is much more fruitful than trying to change yourself with brute force and mental punishment! It’s such an important concept that the class has a both a normal day’s lesson with tips for accepting yourself now and a guided meditation for accepting and forgiving yourself. Accepting where you are right now does not mean you are “settling” or “resigning yourself” to be exactly the same way forever – not at all! It’s about loving yourself and gleaning what lessons you can from your current situation. Today’s Motivational Monday printable hopefully helps bring that point home. =)

appreciate where you are - free printable!

As always, this image is a free 8×10 printable for anyone who subscribes to my email newsletter, but I hope every visitor enjoys it. =)

If you have any questions about the Journey to Abundant Self Love course, please just leave a comment and I’ll answer as soon as possible. I hope your week is off to a great start and that you’re ready to enjoy the beginning of September!



Friday Photoshare – Courage

I shared this one on Instagram yesterday, but I know plenty of people aren’t on the platform and I like posting pictures here, too.

As you probably notice if you saw this one already, it is titled “Courage.” It takes courage to share creative work with the world, and it’s so easy to guess yourself and get swamped by doubts. Am I good enough? Is it good enough? Will anyone even care? What if it is my last good idea and I can’t think of anything else to create after this? I used to worry so much whenever I wrote a post, afraid that I’d never be able to think of another tutorial or recipe again, but I’ve learned to trust the creative process more. Yes, some days I feel uninspired, but I haven’t run out of ideas yet!


How do you overcome your fear of sharing creative endeavors? Or are you unaffected by these types of concerns?




Details on Journey to Abundant Self Love

Hi, everyone! I’m so excited to share details about my upcoming e-course, Journey to Abundant Self Love. I started work on this class back in April, prior to leaving on our extended trip this summer, so I’ve put a lot of love and work into developing the content. It’s been difficult for me to keep things relatively under wraps for this long, but I wanted to be sure the course was complete before writing too much about it to ensure the accuracy of what I told you! Now that the course is just a final look over away from completion and read for launch on Monday, I thought it would be a great time to share some information! Edit: the course is now live! Woohoo! You can see the enrollment page here. =)

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Wordless Wednesday – Reading by Starlight

Reading by Starlight



Energizing Morning Yoga Practice

Happy Tuesday, everyone! As you’ve probably figured out, Tuesdays mean yoga on my blog. Today I’m sharing a relatively (about 20 minutes) short video that has an energizing morning yoga practice to awaken and focus your body and mind. I’m particularly excited because the practice starts with Nadi Shodhana, alternate nostril breathing. It’s a pranayama technique I really love and I feel it’s under represented in yoga classes, both online and in studio, as it were.

Energizing morning yoga practice

If you’re not familiar with alternate nostril breathing, getting your hand into the right shape may be a bit of a brain teaser at first! I’m confident you’ll catch on, though, and that you’ll love the technique. If you don’t have time to a more in-depth yoga practice, a few rounds of Nadi Shodhana is a fantastic way to balance and energize yourself. Not sure what it is? Watch and find out!

As always, I really appreciate comments letting me know what types of videos you’d like to see next!

Have you practiced alternate nostril breathing before?Natasha


The 5 Day Mindset Reset Challenge is Live!

Thank you so much to everyone who expressed interest ahead of time in the 5 Day Mindset Reset Challenge! By the time you read this, you should have already received an email with the link to the signup page. If you haven’t received that email or didn’t put your name on the list, you can enroll in the 5 Day Mindset Reset Challenge right here completely free.

5 Day Mindset Reset Challenge

Just like signing up for an email reminder, enrolling in the course does not add you to any email lists. The only emails you will receive are a welcome email and, if you mark each lesson with “I have completed this lesson,” a congratulatory completion email. I don’t want to spoil the surprise yet, but there will be something pretty cool in the congrats email, so make sure to mark your lessons complete after you finish them. =)

If this announcement is the first you’ve heard of the course, you can find out more information by visiting this YouTube video or my launch date announcement post from last week. And, of course, you can click right on over to the enrollment page! As soon as you sign up, you’ll be able to create a password and log into Teachery to begin your 5 Day Mindset Reset Challenge.

As I mentioned previously, next Monday will see the launch of the Journey to Abundant Self Love course, so please check back for more details soon! I’m currently wrapping up work on additional resources, including recipes for pampering yourself and book lists of great resources for continuing your journey.

journey to abundant self love

Are you ready to reset your mindset?



Friday Photo Share – Moon Rising

Sharing a picture last Friday seemed to work out well enough, so here’s my latest creation!

Moon Rising

I’m sure folks will want to know how I created this, so here’s a look at the original image. This is it, straight out of the camera.

moon rising original image

Where’s that wide-eyed, shocked emoji when you need it?! I can hardly believe it, myself.

And, yes, that is a yoga ball. It was windy at the beach, which isn’t surprising since it’s a popular spot for kite surfing, and the ball was kind of annoying to deal with. Also, even though I basically never run into people I know while out taking photos I, of course, saw multiple people I know while wearing a dress and carrying a giant yoga ball at the beach. Go figure. Funny thing is, there was also someone with a snare drum at the beach, so I probably didn’t even win the ‘random things’ award. Anyway, I’ve realized that so much of how others react to whatever ‘weird’ thing you’re doing depends on how you present yourself. I enthusiastically explained how I was taking a picture I’d later photoshop to look like I was holding the moon and I ended up being told “You’re going to get a lot of likes!” and “The dress is beautiful”  instead of getting weird ‘why do I even know you’ looks. It was yet another lesson on the value and importance of showing up as your authentic self.

I hope that you all have a great weekend, wherever in the world you may be! I look forward to seeing you on Monday for the 5 Day Mindset Reset Challenge. =)



Easy Terra Cotta Pot Makeover

I am really shocked by the amount of holiday creep I’ve seen this year! At the beginning of August, my Pinterest feed was taken over pumpkin spice this and vanilla chai that, and just this week I saw Christmas merchandise at the craft store. Loads and loads of it! Not just a few items here and there – Christmas merch has taken over most of the comparatively small store and all things “summer” have been relegated to clearance, which seems downright strange for August in Hawaii. I don’t really care what the merchandizing trend is, I’m going to take things one holiday at a time. Since I’m writing a solid two weeks before Labor Day, it’s officially still summer, even if you don’t live in the tropics. That’s why today I’m sharing an easy Terra Cotta pot makeover with that fun textured spray paint from before (I used it in this beachy vase project)! It has a decidedly beachy vibe and it’s the perfect way to celebrate these final weeks of summer before succumbing to the flood of Halloween and Christmas projects.

Simple Terra Cotta Pot Makeover

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Announcing the 5 Day Mindset Reset Challenge

I’ve talked about it a couple of times, but today I’m so excited to “officially” announce the launch date for my totally free 5 Day Mindset Reset Challenge! It will be launching on…

Monday, August 22! That’s less than a week away!

Free 5 Day Mindset Reset Challenge

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