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DIY Wedding WIP #7

We’re getting married next week. Next week. Wow! I’m so excited for my parents and sister to be here, and looking forward to seeing a few extended family members I haven’t seen in a long time. Also really cool is that one of my cousins and her husband will be here. I was a flower girl in their wedding a long time ago. We’re all going to a luau together next Thursday night and, even though I’m sure it will be cheesy, I think it will be a good time, too.

I certainly have enough to do in the next week, but things are still on schedule. Because royal icing sugar cookies last two weeks, I’ve been baking lots of them this week. I’m pretty pleased!

leaf and luau cookie

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Monday Dose of Cute – Greedy Guinea Pig

Tiki has a habit of moving her food around. The other day, I found she’d moved her dish and a tube of hay to set up a little buffet for herself!

greedy guinea pig

It looks like she’s saying “Mine! All mine!”



DIY Wedding WIP #6

Just over two weeks! It’s very exciting, and I feel like things are actually under control (for a change). I don’t have many pictures to share this week. I’ve made earrings for myself and my sister, but I can’t seem to get a good picture of them! They’re silver and crystals, so of course they’re complicated to photograph.

This week’s big accomplishment was getting (almost) everything finished for our “arch.” I found bamboo, PVC pipe that fits over the bamboo, and two large aqua flower pots. I cut the PVC to length, so now we just need to cement the pipes in place!

flower pot

The arch will have three pieces of bamboo – two legs and one piece across the top. The top piece will hold a backdrop of paper flower garlands I finished up yesterday. They took way longer to make than I expected, even with my Silhouette Cameo helping! This isn’t the best photo, but here the garlands are taped to the under side of our murphy bed. It’s just a little bit wider than the arch will be, so it was helpful in deciding how many strands to make.

flower garland

For decorations, all I really need to do now is finish up the two dozen white monkey’s fist knots I’ve made, which won’t be that bad. I was hoping to have all the non-perishables out of the way by the end of this week so I can begin focusing on food after the weekend, and I’m right on track. I’ve already made up one batch of cookie dough and put it in the freezer, and I’m going to make more soon. I’ve been experimenting with the cookies and meringues, and I know I can make them a week early and they’ll be just as good. That means this time next week the oven will be blazing!

No matter what happens with further preparations, we have the necessities: an officiant and, as of two days ago, our marriage license. That means we’re good to go, right?




Wordless Wednesday – Bogged Down

Sadly, the very much stuck Jeep belonged to the driver’s wife…

boys and their toys



Etsy Treasury Tuesday – Fireworks

Is it a cliche theme right before July 4th? Probably, but it seemed appropriate for several reasons. First, I like the bright colors and they seem very summery! Plus, in addition to the upcoming 4th, the USA vs Belgium match will start in just a few hours. I’m really bummed I won’t be able to watch the whole thing, but excited it’s because we were finally able to work out an appointment to pick up our marriage license. Is that something you need an appointment for in other states and I just never realized it? Oh, speaking of wedding stuff, I may or may not have any additional Etsy treasuries to share this month. We’ll see. Anyway, here’s this week’s treasury: Fireworks.

etsy treasury



Monday Dose of Cute – Bath Day

I read somewhere that guinea pigs like baths and enjoy swimming. Clearly Tiki didn’t read the same article! I never knew a rodent could give the stink eye, but here it is.

bath day



DIY Wedding WIP #5

I set a personal record this week, but not at the gym! I ordered a record number of items on Amazon, and had my single largest order ever – 35 items. o_O  Then I realized I’d forgotten a couple things and placed another order the next day. Yikes! Before you think I’ve totally lost my mind, a dozen of those things were really small and under $2 each, but still. This week’s influx of items means I’m almost ready for our wedding in just barely over three weeks. I still need some small dipping spoons and two nice paper tablecloths, but I think that’s just about it. A few things haven’t arrived yet, but a whole lot showed up an hour ago!

Here’s what I ordered 12 sets of. I’m a little worried the tables will be too big, but I’ll make sure to bring some pliers so we can get them working if it has to happen that way.

tablecloth clip

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Wordless Wednesday – Pink Hibiscus

pink hibiscus



Monday Dose of Cute – Craft Show Helper

Mondays are usually all about cute animals, but I couldn’t resist mixing things up this week!

My craft show this weekend was awful, but at least I had a helper! It was his birthday, too, but he stuck with it (with occasional breaks to skateboard around Waikiki) and helped carry everything up and down three flights of stairs. And by that I really mean that I “helped” because he did most of the carrying work. It was my second show at the same location and, sadly, I don’t think I’ll be applying again. There simply aren’t enough potential customers to make it worthwhile and all I could do was make back my booth fee. Oh, well. Lesson learned and all that!

craft fair helper



DIY Wedding WIP 4

Hello, everyone!

Going by the date, our wedding is a month from today! Wow. I still have a lot to do, but I’ve accomplished a lot in the last week and am feeling pretty good about my level of readiness. This week has been all about “more” and finishing touches. I’ve finished dying the table runners, stained the cornhole boards, and generally moved from testing out different items to making multiples of the final selections. For example, last week I had one fan to show, this week I have a whole stack!

hand fans

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