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Folks have asked me a lot about inspiration lately, and I have a definitive point of inspiration to point y’all to on this project! While looking at ways to make floral crowns, I came across this tutorial for making a spiked halo headpiece. I love her channel and she has wonderful costumes, but this headpiece just would not work for me with the materials I had. I think with a wider, plastic headband it would have done better, but I didn’t have any at home and know the local craft store doesn’t have much of a headband selection. A strange series of thoughts while rummaging through supplies led me to the idea I finally loved and what I’m sharing in today’s DIY sunburst headdress tutorial. I hope y’all enjoy because it’s way super easy!

DIY Sunburst Crown Tutorial

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When I first started blogging,  I used to worry about running out of ideas – I was afraid that if I wrote about this project and that recipe in the same week, I’d have nothing left to write about before long. Over four years later, I still haven’t run out of ideas! In fact, I have a bigger problem with shortage of time than I do with a lack of ideas! I’ve recently started to (at least try to) share two tutorials a week, and I’m creating a wider variety of images. Several people have asked me lately about where I find my inspiration and ideas, so today I’m sharing a few tips for helping you uncover your inspiration and a worksheet for finding your creative muse.

How to Find Inspiration

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Easy DIY Driftwood Napkin Rings

The other week I coerced my husband into going to an area near a beach (there isn’t really sand at this particulate spot, so I hesitate to call it a beach) so I could bring home lots of driftwood after a storm. There aren’t many places on Oahu that collect driftwood, so I make a mental note whenever I come across one! This particular spot is also the only place I can remember finding sea glass on Oahu and, unfortunately, other random trash tends to collect there, too. I always want to bring a bag just to pick up detritus whenever I visit the area because seeing all the trash really bothers me! But anyway, I found lots of great driftwood and have a zillion different driftwood crafts in mind. Today I’m sharing the simplest of them, easy DIY driftwood napkin rings. Although I made them with driftwood, this project would work just as well with “normal” twigs to make some really cute fall napkin rings!

Easy DIY Driftwood Napkin Rings

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Friday Photoshare – Carpe Diem

Wow, it’s Friday already?! That must mean it’s time to share a photo!

This week I’m very excited about sharing one of my latest composites, “Carpe Diem.” Although it is stylistically very different from the other images in the series, it’s part of my project about keys. You can see two of the other images in last week’s Friday Photoshare post.

carpe diem - self portrait

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DIY Vintage-Inspired Hat Stand

As friends and family members (as well as IG followers) know, I’ve been making tiny top hats! I’m making some for personal use as photo props, but others I’m planning to list in my Etsy store. I didn’t want to take product photos without a hat stand, though, so I made a DIY vintage-inspired hat stand for the tiny top hats! It was super quick and easy to make, and the materials only cost about $10, so I thought I’d share a tutorial.

DIY Vintage-Inspired Hat Stand (from a cheap lamp!)

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Wellbeing Wednesday – You Are Wonderful

Happy Wellness Wednesday! I am definitely still playing catch up right now. I was away for a week followed by a holiday weekend, and now my husband has the dreaded Man Flu. I know he legitimately doesn’t feel well and I hope he gets better soon, but sometimes it’s difficult not to giggle. If you’ve ever been around a Man Flu victim, I think you know what I mean!

This week I’m sharing a different kind of printable that was inspired by something someone recently made for me. I’m providing to versions (well, actually, kind of four versions because there are two different designs two ways each) Here’s the easier to read version:

You Are Wonderful free printable affirmation cards

You can download the full version (each box will be 5×7) in the free printables for members section, print it, cut out one or both designs, and hang where you will see them during your day. Orrrrr…

You can print out this fun mirror image version! Hang it opposite a mirror so that whenever you look in the mirror, you’ll see the affirmation reflected to you:

you are wonderful mirror image affirmation

Both versions are available in the Members’ Area. If you are a subscriber and forgot the password, please shoot me an email or leave  comment and let me know so I can re-email you the password!

Do you use ever affirmation cards or post notes around the house to yourself?



How to Make a Simple Decorated Headband

As everyone already knows, I live in Hawaii. It’s beautiful and awesome, but getting things can be difficult. Yes, there is a local craft store, but it’s small and the items available necessarily change frequently (if they didn’t change inventory, things would get pretty boring fast!) and prices are generally higher than on the Mainland. This is true almost everywhere – I realized a couple months ago that everything at Best Buy is slightly more expensive in store here than on the Best Buy website (good thing they price match if you ask!). Recently I wanted some headbands for a project, but all I could find was super wide ones for about $5 each, which seems a bit much for a plain plastic headband. I got on Amazon and ordered some headbands and, admittedly, I didn’t break out my ruler…so they’re a little narrower than I’d imagined. I knew they’d be narrow, just not quite this narrow. If you’ve ever tried wrapping a very narrow headband in ribbon, you know it can get a bit tricky! I experimented a bit and found a way to make it work, so I decided to share how to make a simple decorated headband in a way that’s especially helpful for narrow headbands.

How to Make a Simple Decorated Headband

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Holiday Weekend

Columbus Day is a somewhat controversial holiday, but it’s a Federal holiday, nonetheless, and my husband had a long weekend. We put the weekend to full use and had plenty of drone trips, creative photography sessions, and an enjoyable morning hanging out at friends’ nascent cacao farm. I put together a very short (under 40 seconds!) video with a few weekend highlights to share today:

Wondering what on Earth my husband is doing with half a plastic jug and an old Amazon box? That’s his homemade flash diffuser for taking macro photos like this one:

macro fly

Yeah, it’s a fly, but it seemed nicer than the spiders he loves photographing! I talked him into trying a DIY version of a diffuser to see how he liked it before dropping money on a ‘real’ one, and so far the homemade version has been holding up and doing the trick. =)

Because of his long weekend, tomorrow will, yet again, not have a yoga video, but there will be a fun tutorial showing how to make a simple decorated headband:


How was our weekend? Did you have an extra day off?



Friday Photoshare – Keys

I started a series of images this week, which is a new thing for me. I’ve never created a consciously similar series of pictures before, and this one is still ongoing!

Several presenters at Promoting Passion brought up how our own human nature tends to hold us back. Our fear of rejection, fear of failure, and natural negativity bias weigh us down and hold us back; our perceived imperfections and shortcomings leave us feeling inadequate.

Like Marley’s Ghost, we wear links we unknowingly forge for ourselves.

Chains of our own Making

What we frequently fail to recognize is that our “anchors” are, in fact, keys to our success. One of the presenters last week talked about being colorblind, which seems like a big disadvantage for a professional photographer. Instead of letting his ‘disadvantage’ hold him back, he turns it into an advantage and edits pictures in a way that has a distant look that’s all his own. He even went so far as to say that, at this point in his life, he absolutely would not want his red/green colorblindness “fixed,” if that were even an option! What a great way to turn an ‘anchor’ into a ‘key.’

The second image in the series is called “Choices.”


The series is still in progress, so expect to see more images in the coming days! It focuses on starting blind to the keys all around us, but gradually coming to realize them for what they are and then, finally, using them to unlock our art/creativity/success/etc. Like with all my photo projects, there are elements in the series I don’t know how to do yet – things I’ve never done before and don’t even really know how to tackle. I try not to let that hold me back, though. Not knowing how to do something yet is no excuse not to try. =)



How to Make a Wine Cork Jack O’Lantern

The problem with the tropics is that jack o’lanterns aren’t really practical. Have you seen how fast a carved pumpkin rots in hot weather? Or even an un-carved one, for that matter. There’s a reason my husband has literally never carved a jack o’lantern! While I hope to one day introduce him to the fun of hollowing and carving out a pumpkin, for now we’ll have to make do with more durable, less traditional variants on the theme. I hope you enjoy seeing how to make a wine cork jack o’lantern and can put the tutorial to use, whether you live in warmer climes or just want a cute decoration for your home!

Cute and Easy Wine Cork Jack O'Lantern tutorial [click to continue…]

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