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“Wordless” Wednesday – Make it Do

After my dad passed, we were trying to find the keys to the old family farmhouse in his study. There were lots of random keys around, so I was a little worried I wouldn’t know which were the correct ones! As soon as I opened the box that contained these keys, I knew I’d found what I was looking for because I immediatly recognized my grandfather’s handiwork.

waste not want notMy grandfather grew up on a farm during the Depression, so he had a waste not, want not mentality. While it’s not something I ever heard him say, his attitude was definitely summed up by the saying “Use it up, wear it out; make it do or do without.” I love that my dad kept my grandfather’s tags on the keys, and even added a new key to one of the old tags. Many of the tags have notes from my grandfather describing things like what order to open locks or tips on joggling the key a certain way.

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll be putting some of these keys to use. I hope the weather cooperates and we don’t freeze too badly! Some of the daytime highs are only going to be in the 40s. Eek! I hope y’all are keeping warmer than that, wherever you may be.



Flying from Hawaii to the eastern side of the Mainland US is hungry business. International flights ply you with  semi-edible food-like substances far too often, but it’s a lucky flight, indeed, if you can get the world’s smallest bag of pretzels on a domestic itinerary. As regular readers know, Papi Chulo and I are pretty serious about our food. We not only eat more than you might guess based on looking at us, but we are careful to eat certain amounts of carbs, fat, and protein whenever possible. This is difficult while away from home, and even more so while flying!

So what does that have to do with cookies? I came up with this pumpkin oatmeal cookie recipe to give us something vaguely more nourishing than pretzels (and certainly less expenisve than airport food!) to bring on our flight today. No, they’re not paragons of nutrition, but at least they have some protein, good fat, and fiber. Plus they’re way tastier than many other “healthy cookie” recipes I’ve tried in the past!

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies (egg free!) [click to continue…]


Happy Monday, everyone! Monday mornings means time for a new free printable, so here one is. =)

I actually made this illustration last month around the time the boat came home. It seemed like a very applicable quotation! Some of y’all may have seen it on social media at that time. Because it’s also very applicable to my past week and pertinent to next week’s (US) Thanksgiving, I decided to share it on my blog this week.

My Heart is in a Constant State of Thanksgiving

[click to continue…]


Nourishing Lotion Bar Recipe/Tutorial (beeswax free!)

When I was a kid, I thought lotion as a birthday or Christmas present was kind of neat because of all the interesting scents. As an adult, I’ve realized that a bit of nice lotion as a fall or winter present is so much more than something nice to smell – it’s exactly what your hands and body need! Okay, so we don’t exactly get “dry winter air” in Hawaii (quite the opposite – it’s the rainy season!), but we’ll be flying somewhere cooler and drier soon, and my hands pretty much always need some love because I go to the gym so often.

With that in mind, today’s tutorial is a recipe for scrumptious, nourishing lotion bar. Because high quality beeswax can be difficult to find and/or expensive, this recipe is beeswax free! It uses very few ingredients, is easy to customize and, perhaps most wonderfully, it smells like chocolate. What’s not to love?

Nourishing Lotion Bar Recipe [click to continue…]


Wordless Wednesday – Indian Ocean Sunset

indian ocean sunset



I found pumpkin!! Yes, after weeks of searching, I finally got my hands on some pumpkin. Yahoo! As I wrote last week in my chocolate chip sweet potato bread recipe, I hadn’t been able to find any this entire season. Now that I finally have some pumpkin, it’s time to get busy!

We rarely eat sweets, so after last week’s recipe I thought it was time for a savory dish. Papi Chulo is always asking for lentils and Greek yogurt is a staple at our place, so I decided to combine pumpkin, lentils, and Greek yogurt to make a thick curry that’s perfect over rice.

vegetarian pumpkin lentil curry with Greek yogurt [click to continue…]


Motivational Monday – Success

Last Thursday I “attended” a webinar called “Making it on Etsy – Holiday Edition.” I found out about it and signed up because Jason of Etsy-Preneurship was a featured speaker, but the other speakers were all experts in their own right. One of the things all the speakers addressed was the importance of consistency and the need to ‘keep on keeping on,’ even when it feels like you’re just talking to yourself in cyberspace. They also said it takes five years to build an online business, which is actually heartening news to me. Sure, it’s difficult to stick with the long view, but on days when things seem slow or like they’re not going as hoped, it’s helpful to remember that it takes years of consistent effort to create the results you’re looking for. The webinar’s message inspired today’s Motivational Monday printable:

success is the sum of small efforts printable

As usual, this printable is available for free to blog email subscribers. Everyone is, of course, encouraged to enjoy the image and think about the message. =)

Did anyone else watch this webinar? I learned a lot and have started using the new “shop updates” feature as a result of what presenters said. How do you keep abreast with Etsy’s changes and try to keep your shop moving forward?



In keeping with my goal of being more personal here on my blog, I’m doing another “life lately” post!

My DoTerra LRP order arrived early this month because I hopped on the website as quickly as I could Monday morning to place an order including limited edition seasonal items. I apparently wasn’t the only one because the DoTerra site had issues all morning and I wasn’t able to place my order until early afternoon. It’s all good, though, because I got what I wanted! High on my list was this dryer ball set.

doterra dryer ball set

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Embossed Air Hardened Clay Ornaments Tutorial

Papi Chulo tries to call me in the evening when he’s working over night. A few days ago when he called I said “You know what I’d really like to learn? Polymer clay. I want to make things with polymer clay.” “Me, too!” he replied. And that was that – now we’re trying to learn more about using polymer clay. This wasn’t totally out of nowhere. We have played with clay a bit in the past, but we sort of bumbled along without reading up on anything. Today’s tutorial uses air hardened clay, not polymer clay, but thinking about clay inspired me to drag out some Das we bought almost two years ago to see what I could make. These “embossed” clay ornaments were my favorite creation, so I decided to share them in today’s tutorial!

Embossed Air Hardened Clay Ornaments

[click to continue…]


Wordless Wednesday – Thinking



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