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Free Blog Planner Printables for October 2017

Hello, hello and welcome to late September! It’s nearly the end of another month, which means it’s time to share free blog planner printables for October!

September is typically my slowest month of the year, and 2017 was no exception. It can be difficult to keep going through the low view months, but being able to look back over previous year’s stats really helps! Of course, I can see my views in my WordPress dashboard, but it’s also nice to see my social media stats from 2016 and 2015 when I need a reminder of the progress I’ve made.

As usual, there are two ways to grab this free printable. You can either log into the members area right here or you can become a member and download your October stats tracker page in one fell swoop from my Selz “store” here.

There are lots of fun projects in store for October on The Artisan Life including this felt mushroom garland:

And a homemade, all-natural wood stain!

What projects do you have planned for next month?




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Sugar Scrub Recipes for Fall

Mmmm, fall. That semi-mythical time of year that my husband only sort of believes in! As I wrote the other week, I’m really trying to do a few seasonal projects this year, even if they don’t feel particularly in-season for where we live, to help me keep track of time. I absolutely love fall and I can’t wait to finally show my husband the Smokey Mountains in their fall splendor next year! Until then I’ll have to make do with fall-themed projects, though, so I decided to put together a roundup of sugar scrub recipes for fall. There are a gazillion pumpkin pie spice sugar scrub recipes out there, so I looked long and hard to find a few different ones to share!

sugar scrub recipes for fall roundup [click to continue…]


DIY Natural Wood Polish & Cutting Board Conditioner

Although I will admit to making my own things sometimes even when gathering all the needed supplies together actually cost more, especially once you consider “labor,” than buying a ready-made product, this homemade cutting board conditioner is a clear money saver and super easy to whip up. Unfinished wood items, like butcher block tables, cutting boards, and wood spoons, dry out and need some TLC – this all-natural cutting board conditioner is the perfect way to show them some love! It’s great for personal use and for gifting; a tin of this cutting board conditioner would go well with wooden spoons and a kitchen towel as a sweet gift. I hope you enjoy this DIY natural wood polish recipe. 🙂

DIY natural wood polish tutorial [click to continue…]


My husband has never carved a pumpkin. Never, ever. He grew up in Miami, where the warm weather would surely rot a Jack O’Lantern in days, plus they’re just not a Cuban thing. Here in Hawaii, pumpkins would rot even faster so I haven’t tried to introduce the tradition. Hopefully next year on the Mainland we can finally carve a pumpkin together! Until then, we have to content ourselves with faux pumpkins. I’ve played around with several pumpkin ideas this year, but these upcycled can pumpkins are my favorite so far! This project combines several of my favorite things – upcycled cans, found items, and chalk paint – to create budget-friendly, cute, rustic tin can pumpkins. I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Easy Upcycled Tin Can Pumpkins Tutorial

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Printable Handmade with Love Bands

As regular readers know, I’m a huge fan of handmade gifts! Whether you choose to buy handmade or make homemade presents, I believe that giving handmade is lovely in so many ways. I have to admit that, when I was a child, my handmade gifts weren’t always met with enthusiasm by the recipients, but practice has improved my skills over the years. Now people actually want me to make things for them and pay me for them – how cool is that?! I know many of my readers also enjoy handmade items and making them, so with the holiday season quickly approaching I thought I’d share some printable handmade with love bands you can use with your creations.

handmade with love printable bands

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I haven’t really blogged about it, but my husband and I are excited to be welcome a new member to our family in late October/early November! We look forward to meeting our little one and learning about him/her relatively soon. I believe that even young babies have their own distinct personalities and are capable of understanding so much more than we give them credit for, so the idea of meeting this “intimate stranger” is very exciting. Anyway, as personally exciting as all this is, it hasn’t been particularly relevant to my blog’s focus until now. I told myself I wouldn’t really get going on DIY baby projects until after we returned from West Virginia and then I got so busy making that I didn’t have much time for writing! Moving forward, you can expect to see more posts on DIY and tutorials for baby-related items made with natural materials, but I promise there will be plenty of other tutorials, too! Today’s post includes a tutorial for DIY gauze baby washcloths that can also double wonderfully as adult washcloths for sensitive skin. They would make a lovely present for new parents or as part of a “DIY spa” type gift set!

DIY Muslin Gauze Baby Washcloth Tutorial

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Do you remember when I posted about shopping for craft supplies with The Shoppe at Somerset? One of the items I ordered was black gesso because I haven’t spotted it locally. Then, as life would have it, I didn’t actually use my black gesso for a couple of months! When I came across a large wood slice I purchased a while ago while cleaning up, I decided it was high time to put both items to work. After a bit of experimenting and planning, this galaxy wood slice art is what I came up with. I really hope you enjoy!

Galaxy wood slice art tutorial [click to continue…]


It’s almost the end of August – yikes and wow! That means it’s time for blog planner printables for September. It’s a quiet time of year on the internet, but that means it’s the absolute perfect time to start planning out your blog posts and tracking your stats if you’re not already doing so! August and September are the proverbial calm before the storm of one holiday after another. They’re fantastic months for getting your holiday crafts ready, whether you’ll be selling or gifting them, and for planning out when you’ll post what on your blog! Because the “summer slump” is real, both in retail and blogging, I’ve been taking advantage of down time to prepare my blogging schedule for the rest of the year. Here are a few previews of projects I’ve been working on (and that you can expect to see on The Artisan Life this fall!):

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Signs are “in” and mermaids are “in,” so this easy DIY mermaid sign is the perfect way to enjoy both trends! I had so much fun stenciling with a dimensional medium for this footed jewelry box tutorial that I decided to try something similar for this sign. Instead of using a pearl texture paste, I used crackle paste. It’s like crackle paint, only thicker! Weathering the painted sign a bit with sandpaper and using crackle paste gives it a very organic, beachy feel that I love; if you’d prefer something more polished looking or don’t have crackle paste, feel free to use regular acrylic craft paints. Either way, this beachy mermaid sign tutorial is easy and fun to follow. 🙂

easy beachy mermaid sign tutorial [click to continue…]


Have you ever been walking through the woods and found a shed antler? Deer shed their antlers every year, usually sometime in late winter-early spring. Other animals seek out these shed antlers as a free vitamin supplement! They gnaw on (and ultimately eat!) antlers because they’re provide calcium and phosphorous. Animals from mice to beavers and even bears have been spotted gnawing on antler! I guess that really doesn’t have much to do with this DIY woodland antler polymer clay necklace tutorial, but it’s a neat fact you might not know about deer, and their other ungulate cousins (like elk) if you’re not familiar with them. Also, some days in West Virginia I think we saw more deer than other humans, so deer are definitely on my mind! Our trip inspired this polymer clay antler necklace tutorial. It’s quite simple and doesn’t require any special clay/sculpting tools so I hope you enjoy!

Easy Polymer Clay Antler Necklace Tutorial [click to continue…]

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