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Earlier this week I told my husband what I want for Valentine’s Day is…a hug. Yes, a hug and a “Happy Valentine’s Day” is really all I need. If I were to ask for any physical gift, I’d prefer something we made together to anything brought home from the store. Actually, just making something together would be a fun way to celebrate – we’ve been working on making wood boxes lately and have been doing some great teamwork! I really do prefer handmade presents and decorations to factory-produced ones so even though I’m not big on Valentine’s Day I had to create something for it! Today I’m sharing a paper globe ornament tutorial with everyone because it’s inexpensive, easy to customize, pretty, and cute! What a great combination.
Paper Globe Valentine's Ornaments Tutorial
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Here it is – the long-awaited post with kitty photos!

Sadly, none of these kitties lives with us. The black one, Jiji, is my sister’s and the two kittens, Sebastian and Earl Grey, are with my mom. These are all family member’s photos they’ve taken with their phones because I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the new felines yet.

Jiji is about half a year old and found his new home around the holidays. What a cutie!

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Our Friday night grocery shopping trips have turned into a significant source of recipe inspiration, but I’m beginning to suspect my husband has figured out the trend and is using it to his advantage…

Just like last week when Papi Chulo wanted Graham crackers, this week he was lobbying for various items that I wouldn’t allow in the cart. On more than one occasion I brandished an offending box while pointing at the unreasonably long ingredient list to demonstrate why, in addition to the outrageous sugar content, this item would not be coming home with us. As a consolation prize, I promised to make last week’s Greek yogurt Graham crackers again and something to dip them in. This Greek yogurt cake batter dip was what I created and it’s been a big hit!

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Motivational Monday – What to Focus on

Hi and welcome to yet another Motivational Monday! This week’s free printable is a simple diagram (a Venn diagram, actually). How can a Venn diagram be motivational? It reminds us what it is we need to focus on:

what you should focus on free printable

As always, this image is available as a free printable for those who subscribe either via email or WordPress. And, of course, it is absolutely free for everyone who finds it to enjoy. =)

Even though it seems like such an easy concept, I personally find it pretty difficult to focus only on the things that matter and that I can control. I find myself worrying a lot about things entirely beyond my control, which isn’t productive. Do you have this same problem? How do you keep yourself focused?



5 Afternoon Reads that Will Change your Life

I saw a great Pin the other day that read “Of course I finished the book – isn’t that what you’re supposed to do once you open it?” This caught my attention because a) I am totally happy to sit and read all day and b) I’ve recently read several fantastic short books in one go. Once I realized “b,” I started thinking about how I’ve told other people about these books because they pack so much between their narrowly-spaced covers. From there, it was only a matter of seconds before I realized I should write a blog post about them to share my five favorite afternoon reads that will change your life.

five afternoon reads that will change your life

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Free Blog Planner Printables for February

Wow – can you believe January is almost over? I didn’t realize February starts in less than a week until my husband pointed it out. That’s why, instead of sharing a tutorial today as I prefer to do on Thursdays, I’m sharing February’s free blog planner printables! I think they’re pretty cute and hope you enjoy them, too.

free blog planner printables for february

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Wordless Wednesday – PR!

225 back squat PR



We tend to do our grocery shopping on Friday night. It sounds strange, but it’s a time that works for us and (understandably) the Commissary isn’t usually very crowded after 7 pm on Friday! During last week’s shopping trip, my husband kept bringing up to those bear-shaped Graham crackers and I kept refusing to add them to the cart. After all, they’re made by the same company as the infamous Play-Doh-tasting crackers I mentioned in an earlier post. Instead, I promised we’d try to create homemade Graham crackers the next day, which got us out of the store cracker-free.

Once we started looking at Graham cracker recipes online, none of them really looked like the correct fit for us. They all either seemed too sweet or like they’d turn out too soft. Instead of giving up hope, we decided to see what we could come up with! By employing some great cracker techniques from the cheddar crackers in The Homemade Pantry and one of our staple ingredients, Greek yogurt, we created the most delicious cinnamon honey Graham crackers we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

Greek Yogurt Cinnamon Honey Graham Crackers [click to continue…]


Hi, everyone! I hope you all had a pleasant and productive week while I was away. We had the type of vacation you need a vacation to recover from – I think we crammed about a month’s worth of activities into 6 days! It was nice, but I’m also glad to  be getting back to a routine, especially since November and December were also quite busy.

One of the things I’ve been working on over the past few months is developing a more consistent ‘brand.’ A while after Etsy changed to having a personal picture and a shop logo, I finally got around to creating a logo for Stalking the Wild Snark. I’ve also now placed this logo on the back of my cards and a variant of it on stickers I can use with my packaging. That’s at least a decent start, right?

This idea of branding and a consistent, authentic message is also the theme of today’s “Motivational Monday” printable – “let your vibe attract your tribe.” I believe that by being yourself and allowing your personality to shine across your real life interactions and online platforms, you will find like-minded people and both be drawn to and attract others on the same mission.

Let your vibe attract attract your tribe printable

You obviously can’t sit around and hope that simply by being “you,” lots of potential friends and customers will magically arrive in your life, but I do believe being consistent and authentic in real life and online is key to finding your “tribe.”As always, this Motivational Monday quotation is available as a free 8×10 printable for blog subscribers and, of course, free for everyone to enjoy as a visual here on the blog. =)

What steps have y’all taken to develop a consistent image across your various online platforms? And how do you help keep your online presence true to real life self?



The Artisan Life Vacation Week

Hey, everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know not to expect anything on the blog this week because it’s a vacation week! My mom is visiting and we’re keeping pretty busy. We’ve already hiked around a park, went paddle boarding, and walked around Waikiki – and that was just the first day! I’ll see you again next week. =)


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