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Although I didn’t post about it directly on The Artisan Life, many regular readers know that I recently appeared in Stampington’s Willow and Sage Magazine! I’m a huge fan of the Stampingon family of publications, so I was thrilled with an editor from Willow and Sage reached out to me about including one of my essential oil “recipes” in the current issue. In spite of being a long-time fan, I hadn’t realized that Stampingon has a curated online store where they sell not only their own magazines, but also kits, supplies, wearables, and more. When I learned this and was offered payment in store credit for the magazine piece, I jumped on the opportunity to do some shopping! As I wrote recently, getting craft supplies I want can be difficult in Hawaii, so I had a lot of fun shopping the Shoppe at Somerset, Stampington’s store. So y’all know, this post does include affiliate links but it is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to let you know about Stampington’s Shoppe at Somerset because several readers have mentioned they’re also Stampington fans! =)

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Like I said last month, I think summers are for mermaiding! Our return to Hawaii and first glimpse of the beach for a while has me in a mermaid frame of mind. I’ve been playing with polymer clay a lot lately – I love how lightweight and flexible thinner pieces of clay are – so I decided to make a pair of mermaid earrings! Okay, so… actually I ended up making several pairs of mermaid earrings matching mermaid tail necklaces!

DIY mermaid earrings and necklace tutorial

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Last spring I decided to start making yoga straps for sale. I got all the materials, made some prototypes and…got busy, went away for a month, and never listed then on Etsy. Eek! For various reasons, mostly a lack of time, I’ve decided to put selling yoga straps on indefinite hold. Because I get requests from people wanting to know if I make yoga straps (I do make yoga mat straps, so it’s a fair question!), I decided to share this DIY yoga strap tutorial today. It’s fairly easy to make your own cute yoga strap decorated wth a fabric you like, plus you can make your yoga strap a custom length instead of relying on what you can find at the store.

DIY yoga strap tutorial

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Hi, everyone! How’s it going? This is the first post I’ve written in ages because we just got back from a month long Mainland trip! Coming home was difficult – isn’t the end of vacation always the worst part? One of the reasons it’s hard to come home is because of all the wonderful craft and thrift stores on the Mainland. The variety of crafting materials available on island is limited, and ordering online is expensive, or even downright impossible due to air mail shipping restrictions. That’s why I always save room in my luggage to go craft supply shopping on vacation! Even if you don’t live somewhere isolated, you can frequently find new and interesting supplies when you travel (local yarns, beads, etc.), so today I’m sharing my tips for craft supply shopping on vacation. I hope you enjoy and please comment with any additional advice you have!

Tips for craft supply shopping on vacation

I know friends, family, and regular readers are interested in a quick “life lately” update on our trip, so before I get into the crafting tips I’d like to share a bit about the last month!

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As regular readers know, I’m a huge fan of saving and upcyling glass jars! Upcycled jar crafts are a real win-win because you get to use free craft supplies and there are so many cute jar craft ideas. Virtually every mason jar craft idea can be made with a recycled jar, instead, but since there are plenty of mason jar craft roundups out there I’m focusing on projects that specifically use upcycled jars and bottles in the tutorials.

Upcycled Jar Crafts Roundup - recycled jar craft ideas

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Remember making macrame necklaces and friendship bracelets? Or maybe buying those little wish bracelets on summer vacation? Those braided bracelets with all the beads you were supposed to wear until they fell off on their own? This DIY summer memories necklace is inspired by those childhood summer traditions, but it’s a lot easier than those complicated macrame designs that seemed fun in middle school but completely impossible to remember now! This simple macrame bottle necklace is cute, colorful, and super easy. I hope you enjoy!

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Weirdly enough, I see a lot of cacti in Hawaii. Parts of the islands are very dry, especially when it isn’t the rainy season. One of our favorite botanical gardens is in an arid environment inside a volcanic crater! A recent trip to this botanical garden inspired today’s post, a cactus necklace tutorial. Making this polymer clay cactus necklace is surprisingly easy – you don’t need any prior polymer clay experience or many tools.

DIY Cactus Necklace Tutorial

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Free Blog Planner Printables for July 2017

It’s nearly the end of June, so that means it’s time for July’s planner printables!

Free blog planner printables for July 2017

I love the way this month’s stat tracker looks – it’s probably my favorite so far for this year! I really hope I can find a few minutes of Internet at the beginning of the month to write all my numbers down, but I’ll probably be off by a few days. Like many other posts this month, I’m scheduling this post ahead of time. At the time of writing, we’re expecting my mom & her giant fluffy dog, and probably also my sister, to be with us this coming weekend. Internet is normally difficult enough for us to come by in WV – I’m certainly not going to tell my mom “So nice of you to drive 8 hours to see us, I’m going to go camp out at McDonald’s for some wifi!” My stats may be slightly less accurate for the end of June and beginning of July, but at least the page will be fun to look at it once I have the opportunity!

free blog planner printables - July 2017

To download July’s stats tracker printable, just head to the printables for subscribers tab. If you’re not an Artisan Life member and would like to become one, you can download the printable from my Selz “store.”

If you like the looks of that blue tiki, make sure to check out my tiki felt ornament tutorial! The pattern is free and the post even includes a brief video showing how to appliqué the felt.

Tiki Felt Ornament & Felt Tiki Brooch Tutorial

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July weekend! We’re certainly looking forward to spending time with family and seeing what sort of trouble my mom’s dog gets into. By all reports he’s pretty chill, but he’s also big, goofy, and seems to enjoy playing in water. Hopefully we don’t have to comb too much wet pond scum out of his white fur!

Do you have any plans with family for the Fourth?


It’s no secret that I love crafting with found and natural materials! Since I live near the ocean and love collecting driftwood, I already posted a roundup of driftwood crafts to DIY. I also like crating with sticks, I just don’t have as many opportunities to find ‘good’ sticks where we live. In West Virginia I pick up plenty of sticks, though! I have to admit – it’s hard to haul some of them off instead of hanging on to them for a craft! I can’t realistically keep all the sticks, so instead I put together a roundup of crafts with sticks and branches! These natural crafts with sticks take advantage of free crafting materials found in nature (and they might even make yard work a little more fun). From tiny twigs to large logs, this natural crafts roundup has something for sticks of all sizes.

crafts with sticks and branches - natural crafts

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Nothing says summer like mermaids! Or maybe that’s just me… Even though we’re currently enjoying our time in the mountains away from the sea, mermaids and basically everything beachy/nautical are never far from my mind! This DIY mermaid picture frame is absolutely perfect for saving summer memories or a vacation photo, plus it’s surprisingly simple to make. If you don’t already have a mermaid scale stencil, don’t worry. You can use my cut file or the PDF to hand cut your own and you’ll be on the way to having your own mermaid picture frame in no time!

DIY Mermaid Picture Frame Tutorial [click to continue…]

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