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DIY Wedding

Welcome to my DIY wedding resources!

I worked for years at two popular destination wedding sites in Charleston, SC. I’d seen so many weddings I had a clear idea of what I did (and didn’t!) want for our wedding, so I decided to DIY everything. Well, everything but my dress, his suit, hair, makeup, and photography! Yep, everything else was me – even the cake and my veil.

DIY wedding arch


Before our wedding, my Etsy store had a very different focus. After our wedding, my shop’s focus shifted primarily to boho and beach wedding items. My very first wedding sign was a sign for our reception asking guests to sign our surfboard!

Even though we’ve been married two years, I’m still passionate about sharing DIY wedding projects. This section is devoted to DIY wedding resources – everything from self catering your wedding reception to smaller projects like making a beachy bridesmaid’s hanger. I hope you enjoy. =)

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