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DIY Wedding

Welcome to the home of DIY weddings on The Artisan Life!

I worked for years at two popular destination wedding sites in Charleston, SC. I’d seen so many weddings I had a clear idea of what I did (and didn’t!) want for our wedding, so I decided to DIY everything. Well, everything but my dress, his suit, hair, makeup, and photography! Yep, everything else was me – even the cake and my veil.

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Even though we’ve been married two years, I’m still passionate about sharing DIY wedding projects. This section is devoted to DIY wedding resources – everything from self catering your wedding reception to smaller projects like making a beachy bridesmaid’s hanger. I hope you enjoy. =)

I am beyond excited to now have a free wedding printables section in my Selz store! Please visit for a variety of items, including printables I used to only offer for sale. 

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If you’re planning to use hot glue for your DIY wedding projects, please check out this post first! You’ll learn how to select the correct glue + gun for the job and use it safely (because who wants burned fingers?!)

hot glue gun tips

For tutorials and other inspiration, visit these blog posts:

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