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Free Grunge Paper Texture Overlays

Starting something new always makes me feel like I’m on a seesaw trying to balance between excited and scared! Even low-risk endeavors, like starting a new blog series, can be scary and make me face my fear of rejection (What if no one likes the new series? What if someone actively dislikes it and leaves a mean comment??), but it’s worth it. Now that the brief WV trip series is finished, I’m restarting the “Friday Photoshare” series and launching a new one! Starting today, I’ll be sharing more photography resources, starting with a set of free grunge paper texture overlays!

Free grunge paper texture overlays

Update 3/7/17 – This free set of textures was the beginning of so much more! I now have a texture store with photographic bokeh, textures, and so much more (as well as many more freebies!). Please check out this post for all the info and a coupon code!

You can snag this set of six grunge paper textures for free in my Selz store! Just head on over to the listing right here, or use the widget at the bottom of this post.

So what use are texture overlays? As I’ve mentioned in several of my Friday Photoshare posts, I enjoy using textures on my self portraits. The picture I shared on Instagram yesterday uses one of my new overlays! In fact, creating my own texture for this image is what inspired the new photography resource series.

For those with eyes

Textures are also great for digital art (or digitized art) when you’re working in Illustrator. I created several hand drawn textures almost three years ago for use in Illustrator, long before I began using Photoshop to make creative photo edits.

Please use these textures however you would like. No attribution is necessary and you are welcome to use them in commercial work. All I ask is that you 1) do not redistribute the files 2) do not claim the textures as your own. If you’d like to share them – that’s awesome! Please just refer folks back to this post. 🙂

If you didn’t follow the link above, you can grab the free textures below. I really hope you enjoy them!

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  • Julie January 3, 2017, 21:15

    I really need to dwelve deeper into this! Loving all the photos you’re creating!

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