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Free Grunge Texture Photo Overlay Pack

I had so much fun using and sharing last week’s grunge paper texture overlays that I decided to make more this week! More textures, that is – this week they aren’t papery. They’re more cement-y.

Free grunge texture overlay pack

These textures are available for free in the texture store. You can find them right here, or use the widget at the bottom of the post. Here’s the image of all six textures without the text overlay so you can have a better look at them:

grunge texture overlay pack

If you aren’t familiar with using texture overlays, my best piece of advice is to play around with blending modes and opacity. You’ll need to experiment with each image based on the texture you’re using, your base image, and the desired effect. In general, I like playing with “overlay” to get texture from a neutral toned overlay, soft light for a slightly less dramatic effect, and multiply to darken the image while adding texture. While those are my three most commonly used blending modes, I also use “normal” quite a bit, and occasionally use screen, vivid light, or pin light light. Honestly, I’ve used pretty much every mode at one time or another! Experimenting is key!

Although I’m not quite ready to share the image at the time of writing, I’m working on another self portrait and plan to use at least one of these grunge texture overlays. I also filmed my self portrait process while taking the base image, so I look forward to a very fun Friday Photoshare post this week! I hope you stop back by then and enjoy. =)

PS – Here’s where you can snag the texture!


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