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Life Lately + Looking Ahead to our Summer Trip

I like to do one or two “life lately” posts a month, so I thought it was time for one! I always enjoy reading about what blogging friends are up to, so I hope y’all enjoy this look into life lately over here and a quick look ahead to our summer trip.

The last few weeks have been busy. It’s spring, so that means people are shopping for spring and summer weddings. Since several of my current Etsy bestsellers are wedding items, that means I’m pretty much always working on an order! I turned off the “custom request” button, but I still receive at least one custom request convo a day. Sometimes I can help people out, other times I can’t. Either way, it always takes a bit more time to answer custom requests!

All the orders, especially the custom ones, means I’ve gathered quite a backlog of blog projects! I have a long list of tutorial ideas and I feel like I just keep adding to it instead of finishing projects and crossing them off! I easily have several months of project ideas planned out. I guess I’d better get busy with them so I have some posts to share while we’re gone for a month this summer!

Like last year, we’re planning to spend about a month on the Mainland. Our trip will be a little later than last year and will be from mid-June until mid-July. We’ll be headed back the family property in West Virginia to see what we can take care of! Last year our main project was pretty clear – paint the house. We completely scraped and repainted, including a sassy new coat of paint for the porches and porch furniture. (Please excuse the horrible phone photos and fisheye from using taking a panorama!)

The porch furniture ended up purple to honor a family tradition, of sorts. My grandfather would paint things with whatever he found on sale in the mis-tint section. In his memory, my sister and I dug through the mis-tints and picked our favorite – purple!

This year we have to decide what our projects should be. There are a couple of dead trees that need to come out before they fall on the house, so they’re a clear priority. I’ve talked to someone who can take them out, but actually getting the work scheduled from six time zones away is tricky. Realistically, re-wiring the house should be our next step, but we’ll need help with that, too. A neighbor’s brother is an electrician, so we have a potential lead.

We could also work on re-wiring if my father in law is able to help us. He’s a real handyman (as in actually for a living) with loads of maintenance, building, and renovation experience. We think he’d really enjoy West Virginia – he’s one of those guys who’s always looking for something to build or fix. The problem is that my MIL wants to come along but doesn’t want to leave her younger son at home by himself. He will be 21 by then, but he doesn’t have his driver’s license. If he enrolls in classes this summer transportation would be a problem for him. If my father in law is able to make the trip, we could get so much more accomplished and I know he’d have a great time. I think my MIL could have a good time just about anywhere – she’s one of those people who “brings the party” with her attitude no matter where she is!

In addition to figuring out what projects we’ll tackle, we also have to plan the logistics of our trip. After my husband secures the time off, we’ll need to book plane tickets and a rental vehicle (we’ll probably go with a pickup this year). We also have to work out details like whether or not we want to purchase another generator, if we’ll be staying at the house, and a host of other things. It’s a lot of work, but some of it is quite fun. I’m having a blast comparing garden tractor models to figure out which one I want to talk him into! I’m also educating myself about how to repair old windows, mill replacement siding, and other fun home improvement things. We live in a small apartment and literally aren’t even allowed to hang a picture if there isn’t already a nail. The idea of working on things is very exciting to us!

So that’s what we’re up to right now. How are things going for you? Are you having a busy spring? Planning any summer trips yet?

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  • Rose March 28, 2017, 15:01

    My father-in-law owns a True Value and is always looking to unload mis-tints. As a result, we’ve used mis-tints for multiple projects! Sometimes just taking what’s available is much less overwhelming than sorting through dozens of colors.

    • Natashalh March 28, 2017, 15:25

      Sometimes the mis-tints are really lovely colors! And I agree that looking at the full range can be completely overwhelming. It’s so cool your father-in-law owns a hardware store!

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