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Free Blog Planner Printables for November 2017

As regular readers know, I’ve used my own blog planner printables quite a lot in 2017.  I scheduled posts ahead for our month long trip to West Virginia and the first couple of weeks after our return. After getting back in July, I immediately set to work planning ahead for the fall. I, like most babies, don’t really believe in “due dates” and have worked to be physically and mentally prepared whether baby comes “early” or “late.” If Baby is born early like I was, we’ll have a newborn at home when this post goes live. If Baby decides to stick closer to the average number of days and weeks for a first time mom, I’ll still be pregnant for a couple more weeks! That’s why I’ve tried to be physically ready to bring a newborn home any time in October, but mentally prepared for it to be November. It’s kind of funny scheduling a post and not knowing what my life will look like when it goes live! Needless to say, planning posts for November has been particularly important for me – no matter what I expect to have a newborn at home at least most of the month. So, without further ado, I present to you…free blog planner printables for November 2017!

The November calendar page is part of the entire year’s blog scheduler printable. If you don’t have it yet and want to go ahead and print the last couple of months, please stop by this post.

If you already have a calendar ready to go and just want the social media and views stats tracker page, here’s what it looks like:

free blog planner printables for November 2017

As usual, this page is available in the printables for members area. If you’re not a member yet and would like to be, you can either subscribe using the box at the bottom of this post or grab the PDF from my Selz “store” here. I’m currently sending out a max of 2 emails a month so becoming a member is totally not going to flood your inbox. As the saying goes, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Alright, fellow schedule enthusiasts, I have an important question for you!

I’m working on my 2018 calendar so I can share it in mid-December. This year I’m probably adding on some extras, like pages to brainstorm your goals. Here is my question: should I include the stats tracker page with the calendar release or continue to share the tracker page on a month-by-month basis? I feel like I’m more likely to remember my stats page when I make a point of sharing and printing it each month, but I can also see how having the whole thing printed in one go could be helpful. Which should I do?? All the pages will be finished and ready to go in 2017, I’m just not sure when to share them.

Whachya think? The whole year all at one or stats tracker pages monthly again in 2018?


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Stash-Busting Fabric Scrap Craft Ideas

Oh, fabric scraps. Why is it so difficult to get rid of scraps? As I’ve shared before, I have a serious fabric scrap problem! I know I’m not the only one who holds onto scraps, so I put together this round up of stash-busing fabric scrap craft ideas. These projects use small amounts of fabric that will make you feel totally vindicated for keeping all those scraps. 😉

As usual for my roundups, I tried to focus on projects I haven’t seen frequently featured in other fabric scrap craft idea posts. That’s why you won’t find things like fabric rosettes in this roundup. I really hope you enjoy this selection of ‘less usual’ fabric scrap ideas!

unique stash busting fabric scrap craft ideas [click to continue…]


This spring I wrote that I’d decided to retire my “Wellbeing Wednesday” series for the time being. Six months later, I’ve decided to bring the series back! It probably won’t be a weekly thing, but I really miss the series and will be posting a motivational printable at least occasionally.

Last week I shared a printable “peace” coloring page inspired by my Hypnobabies course, and this printable is also at least somewhat Hypnobabies-inspired. The program emphasizes the mind’s power over the body, something I already believed strongly in. Research shows, for example, that everything else being equal, the more optimistic athlete or sports team will win because they expect to. People who expect positive outcomes are more likely to receive them than people who expect negative outcomes; what you believe is in store for you is very, very likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hypnobabies has a “Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations” track you’re supposed to listen to every day to help reprogram your mind to expect positive things from pregnancy and birth and the course frequently emphasizes the importance of always visualizing things going “right” instead of obsessing over what could go “wrong.” I believe this is great advice for virtually every aspect of life. Things could always take a turn for the unexpected and it’s important to remain flexible and confident if that happens, but instead of obsessing over the undesired, it’s important to ask yourself “What if everything goes right?”

What if everything goes right? Free motivational printable

Just like before, this printable is available in the printables for blog subscribers area. I’ve also recently added page jumps to make it easier to locate the latest motivational printable without lots of scrolling! If you’re not a member yet and would like to be, simply enroll using the box below this post. 🙂

I truly hope that you take the time this week to ask yourself “What if everything goes right?” and to visualize the best possible outcome for whatever you’re currently dealing with in life.

This post may include affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links, The Artisan Life will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support! 


DIY Lotus Blossom Color Splash Shirt Tutorial

I gave a preview of this project three weeks ago and said I’d be sharing it “soon.” Yikes! I guess three week’s isn’t too long? I’ve been trying to balance when I post ‘normal’ craft tutorials  and ‘baby’ tutorials, but I also wanted to publish fall/Halloween posts with enough time that someone might actually be able to do the projects before Halloween. This DIY lotus blossom shirt isn’t only a baby project, though. I made templates for both a baby and an adult sized stencil! It’s just way easier to show the baby shirt version because it’s cute, small, and fits easily on my photography background. You could also use the same technique to decorate other projects like tote bags, pillow cases, and more.

DIY lotus blossom shirt tutorial - adult and baby size templates included! [click to continue…]


I am a planner and a list maker. A month before we left for West Virginia, I kew exactly what stores we needed to visit before leaving Pittsburg, what order we’d go to them in, and had a separate shopping list for each. Hmmm…after writing that I realized it makes me seem like a bit of a control freak! That’s not it at all. I like to be as prepared as possible because I’m horrible and remembering things if I don’t write them down somewhere and because life can be unpredictable. I find it easiest to quickly adjust to the unexpected when I have a clear picture of what I’m doing any why. Also, I usually already have a backup plan in mind… {{As a Navy wife, backup plans for when things don’t go as expected are kind of my speciality.}} Anyway, my love of planning ahead and recognition that things don’t always go as planned is why we started preparing for birth before the end of my second trimester. After research and careful consideration, we decided to purchase the Hypnobabies home study course and have been diligently putting in our daily practice ever since! As part of my preparations for our birthing time (the Hypnobabies term for ‘labor’) I decided to create a “peace” coloring page. Although the word “peace” is an important hypnotic cue word in the Hypnobabies program, I thought the design was also pretty generally applicable and something other folks might enjoy using, so I decided to share my are printable peace coloring page with y’all today!

free printable peace coloring page

[click to continue…]


Like I wrote in last month’s upcycled tin can pumpkin tutorial, I’m trying really, really hard to do some seasonal projects this year.  I think I’ve already done more seasonal projects than I did during all of last fall so things are going well! Today I’m continuing the them of ‘pumpkins that won’t rot in heat and humidity’ with super cute polymer clay pumpkin photo holders. They’re incredibly easy to make and don’t require any prior clay knowledge or special tools! They’d also work well as name card holders or to label items on a buffet, so they’re pretty versatile.

Polymer Clay Pumpkin Photo Holders Tutorial [click to continue…]


Folks who know I like projects inspired by the natural world may be wondering what on Earth is up with today’s kraken necklace tutorial! Interestingly enough, it is actually inspired by real life and nature. For the past couple of months, my husband has been very interested in “tako hunting,” otherwise known as fishing for octopus. I’m not going to claim that he’s been very successful at actually finding tako and bringing them home for dinner, but he’s really enjoyed learning a lot about Hawaiian marine life and snorkeling around most weekends looking for octopus. I think he’s checked out every book the local library has on local marine invertebrates and he keeps showing me pictures of critters/asking me to quiz him on exactly what type of whatever they are. Things with tentacles and intense looking eyes have definitely been part of my life lately! Add that to my general like of Halloween, even though we haven’t really ‘celebrated’ it while living in Hawaii, and you get this polymer clay kraken necklace tutorial!

DIY kraken necklace tutorial [click to continue…]


Super Simple DIY Color Mist with India Inks

Like most mixed media crafting supplies, spray inks are difficult for me to come by in Hawaii. They’re also not something I like to purchase on the Mainland and bring home in my luggage because I don’t want to accidentally tie-dye my everything when my bag gets thrown around! I’ve made a couple different color mists before (once using food coloring and another time with gelatos), but I wanted a permanent spray ink for some projects. Since I couldn’t buy it, I decided to DIY it! This DIY color mist with India inks is super simple to mix up in a flash and a great way to use the same crafting supplies for more than one purpose!

Super Simple DIY Color Mist Inks [click to continue…]


Free Blog Planner Printables for October 2017

Hello, hello and welcome to late September! It’s nearly the end of another month, which means it’s time to share free blog planner printables for October!

September is typically my slowest month of the year, and 2017 was no exception. It can be difficult to keep going through the low view months, but being able to look back over previous year’s stats really helps! Of course, I can see my views in my WordPress dashboard, but it’s also nice to see my social media stats from 2016 and 2015 when I need a reminder of the progress I’ve made.

As usual, there are two ways to grab this free printable. You can either log into the members area right here or you can become a member and download your October stats tracker page in one fell swoop from my Selz “store” here.

There are lots of fun projects in store for October on The Artisan Life including this felt mushroom garland:

And a homemade, all-natural wood stain!

What projects do you have planned for next month?





Sugar Scrub Recipes for Fall

Mmmm, fall. That semi-mythical time of year that my husband only sort of believes in! As I wrote the other week, I’m really trying to do a few seasonal projects this year, even if they don’t feel particularly in-season for where we live, to help me keep track of time. I absolutely love fall and I can’t wait to finally show my husband the Smokey Mountains in their fall splendor next year! Until then I’ll have to make do with fall-themed projects, though, so I decided to put together a roundup of sugar scrub recipes for fall. There are a gazillion pumpkin pie spice sugar scrub recipes out there, so I looked long and hard to find a few different ones to share!

sugar scrub recipes for fall roundup [click to continue…]

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