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Rock Painting Crafts Roundup

Has the rock painting craze caught on in your area? Folks have been painting rocks for years, but lately I’ve seen painted rocks, often with inspirational messages, popping up in public places. Seeing all these lovely rocks around got me interested in trying rock painting again. When my husband and I tried painting rocks about four years ago, we weren’t all that successful! Actually, the results were pretty hilariously horrible. We didn’t know what we were doing and, as it turns out, there are some “tricks” that help your rock paintings turn out better! I started doing some research to figure out how we could be more successful at painting rocks this time around, so I decided to put together a rock painting crafts roundup! I hope you enjoy the rock painting tutorials and inspiration!

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A long, long time ago I wrote a post about using Stazon inks and stamps to decorate dishes. (It was one of my earliest posts on The Artisan Life!) It’s been confusingly popular over the years. One of the most common questions people have consistently asked is whether or not the stamped surfaces are food safe. I’ve never personally felt comfortable eating off the stamped portions of any decorated dishes, and feel like you’d be pretty likely to mess up the design. When I was organizing and cleaning after our recent trip to WV, I came across a set of glass bowls originally purchased for our DIY wedding reception and I had an exciting idea. The idea worked out, so today I’m excited to share how to make food safe dishes with alcohol inks!

Dishwasher and food safe dishes with alcohol inks tutorial

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DIY Oil Lamp Update – Cute Rustic Oil Lamp

During last year’s trip to West Virginia, we put a lot of effort into buying battery powered lanterns, flashlights, and plenty of batteries (including a car battery equipped with plug ins!). Most of these items were stollen, along with our generator, last fall. This year we decided to take a much more natural approach to lighting and save some hassle, so we opted to rely heavily on oil lamps and lanterns. There were already a couple at the house we could use, and purchasing an extra lamp and lantern was fun! It was so pleasant to have the softer, warm light of lamps instead of electric lanterns. When we saw frosted chimneys for sale at a local store, my husband commented that he believed one would help amplify a lamp’s light. Unfortunately, the bases were a little too narrow for our lamps. My solution? A DIY oil lamp update! This cute rustic oil lamp with a frosted chimney is the perfect way to make your home even more homey. 🙂

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Delicious Sugar Scrub Recipes for Summer

The end of July is approaching, but summer weather is far from over for many of us! Basically everywhere I’ve lived, August is decidedly part of summer. Where we currently live in Hawaii, September is usually our hottest month of the year. With several more months before I can reasonably expect to see nighttime lows consistently “dip” into the mid-70s, summer is definitely still on my mind! With plenty of hot weather ahead, I decided to put together a roundup of delicious sugar scrub recipes for summer. These sugar scrub recipes have bright, summery scents and are the perfect way to exfoliate and rehydrate your skin after a day in the sun or plane trip for vacation. I hope you enjoy these 12+ sugar scrub recipes for summer!

12+ delicious sugar scrub recipes for summer

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Watching an elaborate project come together can be a lot of fun, but sometimes a quick and simple crafting project is exactly what you need! This DIY footed jewelry box is the perfect project for when you want a cute and satisfying craft. It’s easy to customized with your favorite paints, stencils, or other embellishments and it only takes a few minutes of active time. I hope you enjoy!

Easy DIY Footed Jewelry Box Tutorial [click to continue…]


July is almost over, so that means it’s time for printable blog planner pages for August 2017!

Free blog planner printables for August 2017

Just like the last few months, this page can be found in the printables for subscribers area right here. If you’re not a subscriber yet and would like to be one, you can also grab it from my Selz “store” here.

I went with a cactus theme for this month to match the post scheduler page available in the 2017 calendar post right here. I don’t know why, but back last December I was thinking of August as being hot and dry, which is why I originally went with the cactus idea. In retrospect, maybe I should have chosen a jungle theme because August seems a lot more likely to be hot and humid for me! However, since I went with cacti, I thought it would be fun to share a few cactus craft tutorials I’ve spotted lately on Pinterest! [click to continue…]


Although I didn’t post about it directly on The Artisan Life, many regular readers know that I recently appeared in Stampington’s Willow and Sage Magazine! I’m a huge fan of the Stampingon family of publications, so I was thrilled with an editor from Willow and Sage reached out to me about including one of my essential oil “recipes” in the current issue. In spite of being a long-time fan, I hadn’t realized that Stampingon has a curated online store where they sell not only their own magazines, but also kits, supplies, wearables, and more. When I learned this and was offered payment in store credit for the magazine piece, I jumped on the opportunity to do some shopping! As I wrote recently, getting craft supplies I want can be difficult in Hawaii, so I had a lot of fun shopping the Shoppe at Somerset, Stampington’s store. So y’all know, this post does include affiliate links but it is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to let you know about Stampington’s Shoppe at Somerset because several readers have mentioned they’re also Stampington fans! =)

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Like I said last month, I think summers are for mermaiding! Our return to Hawaii and first glimpse of the beach for a while has me in a mermaid frame of mind. I’ve been playing with polymer clay a lot lately – I love how lightweight and flexible thinner pieces of clay are – so I decided to make a pair of mermaid earrings! Okay, so… actually I ended up making several pairs of mermaid earrings matching mermaid tail necklaces!

DIY mermaid earrings and necklace tutorial

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Last spring I decided to start making yoga straps for sale. I got all the materials, made some prototypes and…got busy, went away for a month, and never listed then on Etsy. Eek! For various reasons, mostly a lack of time, I’ve decided to put selling yoga straps on indefinite hold. Because I get requests from people wanting to know if I make yoga straps (I do make yoga mat straps, so it’s a fair question!), I decided to share this DIY yoga strap tutorial today. It’s fairly easy to make your own cute yoga strap decorated wth a fabric you like, plus you can make your yoga strap a custom length instead of relying on what you can find at the store.

DIY yoga strap tutorial

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Hi, everyone! How’s it going? This is the first post I’ve written in ages because we just got back from a month long Mainland trip! Coming home was difficult – isn’t the end of vacation always the worst part? One of the reasons it’s hard to come home is because of all the wonderful craft and thrift stores on the Mainland. The variety of crafting materials available on island is limited, and ordering online is expensive, or even downright impossible due to air mail shipping restrictions. That’s why I always save room in my luggage to go craft supply shopping on vacation! Even if you don’t live somewhere isolated, you can frequently find new and interesting supplies when you travel (local yarns, beads, etc.), so today I’m sharing my tips for craft supply shopping on vacation. I hope you enjoy and please comment with any additional advice you have!

Tips for craft supply shopping on vacation

I know friends, family, and regular readers are interested in a quick “life lately” update on our trip, so before I get into the crafting tips I’d like to share a bit about the last month!

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