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Photography Resources

Welcome to The Artisan Life texture and overlay store!

Not sure what textures and overlays are? In short, they are tools to help you make awesome photo edits! If you use a program that uses layers and blending modes (Photoshop is a popular one, but Pixlr and Gimp, among others, also use layers), then you can use photography overlays and textures. Overlays and textures can help you:

  • Add light to an image
  • Add beautiful bokeh
  • Color tone
  • Create a specific mood
  • Add texture
  • Easily create more painterly, dreamy images
  • Make photos more romantic
  • And more!

Not sure how to use overlays? No problem! I have videos demonstrating how to add and modify bokeh overlays and texture overlays. These tutorials will help you out, no matter whose overlays you’re using. You can watch the bokeh overlay tutorial here and the texture overlay tutorial right here.

I also have smaller packs of overlays available for free, so make sure to check them out!

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