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Printable Handmade with Love Bands

As regular readers know, I’m a huge fan of handmade gifts! Whether you choose to buy handmade or make homemade presents, I believe that giving handmade is lovely in so many ways. I have to admit that, when I was a child, my handmade gifts weren’t always met with enthusiasm by the recipients, but practice has improved my skills over the years. Now people actually want me to make things for them and pay me for them – how cool is that?! I know many of my readers also enjoy handmade items and making them, so with the holiday season quickly approaching I thought I’d share some printable handmade with love bands you can use with your creations.

handmade with love printable bands

I gave a preview of these printable “bands” earlier this week in my post on making muslin gauze washcloths, but they work well for a variety of projects. When cut along the crop marks, they’re the perfect size for a washcloth, napkin, towel, or other relatively small item.

However, the “length” crop marks (the vertical marks in the printable) are only a suggestion. When you cut right along “width” the lines, or just inside them, you can’t actually see the other set of marks, which means you can make these bands up to 8.5″ long, or the width of whatever paper you printed them on.

handmade with love label wrappersUsing these printables is quite easy: download them from the “printables for subscribers” area of The Artisan Life, print, trim, and attach the ends with a piece of tape! Of course, washi tape is a cute choice:

handmade with love printable bands

If you’re not yet a member of The Artisan Life and would like these printables, please just enroll in my newsletter using the box at the bottom of this post. I’m currently only sending out two emails a month and you get so many great printable goodies! Alternatively, you can download the printable right away + sign up for my newsletter by downloading this listing (for free) from my Selz “store.”

These printable wraps/bands are made in the exact same manner as these printable hibiscus napkin rings, if you’d like more detailed instructions. If you have a lot of items to wrap, like for a craft show, you may also enjoy this quick tutorial on making your own precut pieces of washi tape:

Wow! Looking at that post is a walk down memory lane for me. I can’t believe my backdrop used to be so clean! I recently got a bunch of colored ink on it and it’s looking quite rough…it may be time to treat myself to a new backdrop. The good news is that the damage was done for a great cause: crafting! Fun projects using the culprits will appear soon on The Artisan Life. =D

Are you planning to give handmade this year? Are you already working on holiday gifts, or do you work better “under pressure?”



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  • marieken September 10, 2017, 01:40

    Thanks for sharing, I love the scissors and sewing machine illustrations. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

    • Natashalh September 10, 2017, 12:09

      Thank you! It’s been a lovely weekend here. Hope yours went well, too!

  • Duni September 25, 2017, 04:37

    Those are cute, especially the sewing machines! I doubt I will be making handmade gifts this year. But they will be thoughtful nonetheless šŸ™‚

    • Natashalh September 25, 2017, 09:54

      Thank you!
      I don’t know how many handmade gifts I’ll end up giving this year, either. Or, honestly, how many gifts at all! But we’re planning to spend the holidays with family and that will be a gift unto itself.

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