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Weekend Wrap-up

You know those weekends that make you wonder “Where did those two days go?!” Yep, we had one of those! Most of Saturday we devoted to photographing workouts at the gym we attend and then quickly editing a few (okay, 125!) to post on the gym’s FB page. I know sometimes the gym can seem like a weird and mysterious place, so I thought I’d share a few photos today and cast some proverbial light on the kinds of things we do for fun!

It’s very dark in the gym and we weren’t sure if we could get good photos, but things turned out better than expected! I concentrated on snapping action shots of everyone during the workouts (the same workout was repeated several times to give everyone a chance to participate), then my husband made sure to get an “after” photo of everyone outside. I focused on the indoor shots because my camera can handle low light a bit better. Catching action shots in low light is extremely challenging. You need a fairly fast shutter speed avoid motion blur, but the lower the light, the slower the shutter the shutter generally needs to be in order to get a photo that isn’t way too dark. Knowing that I needed a shutter speed of 1/200th of a second, I had to change my other camera settings to get me there. I took my lens “wide open” to f1.8 to let in as much light as possible…and I still needed ISO 1250 at the front of the gym and ISO 2000 at the back of the gym! If you’re not familiar, the ISO is how sensitive the camera is to light. The higher the number, the more sensitive it becomes. (Remember how you used to buy film that was 100 or 400 or what have you? That was the film’s light sensitivity.) The more sensitive the sensor, the more you get “noise” in your photos, so people typically try to get the lowest ISO possible for any given photo. Between shooting at 1.8 (which means only a very small area is in focus) and using ISO 2000, I’m pretty pleased things turned out as well as they did! Everyone from the gym is really excited about the photos, too, and it felt great to see how much everyone enjoyed seeing the photos of themselves.

It can be easy to feel like the gym is only for young, fit people, or that you have to fit a certain ‘type’ to feel welcome. That may be true at some gyms, but it certainly isn’t at ours! Members ranges from elementary school students to a great-grandmother! It’s fantastic to see such a diverse group of people supporting each other, and the gym bands together to help out with community projects. This weekend, two gym members made fried rice plates, sold them for donation, and gave 100% of the donations to benefit a local charter school that lost its outdoor “keiki cafe,” where students eat lunch, in a recent storm. Here are a few of these big-hearted, diverse folks at Saturday’s workout:

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If you want to see even more of the fun, please stop by the album I created on CrossFit Kaneohe’s FB page! And if you’re ever in the area and thinking about giving CrossFit a try, I promise you it isn’t as scary as it may seem and that you’ll find a kind, accepting group at CF K-Bay.

So that’s where my weekend went – how about yours?

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  • Pamela Baker March 7, 2017, 04:35

    You made my day explaining the difference of adjusting the lighting from 1200 to 2000 for indoor lighting – even with a flash, one can never get the right lighting. Will try your suggestions.

    Although I am in the “Senior” line at the movies, I do go to the gym a few times a week. I do try the weights although as I am lifting 40lbs – I am watching these guys lifting 250+ weights!
    Both of my sons go to the gym regularly so they signed me up. One of my sons got his license to teach Cross Fit Training which also includes diet instructions. He is the marathon runner – doing the NY (26mi) race. So your article was of great interest!

    • Natashalh March 7, 2017, 07:04

      Shooting with the on-camera flash is pretty much a guaranteed way to have poor looking photos. I’m not even sure why they put the flash on the camera! If you have a spare hand, holding an unfolded tissue in front of the flash can help a little bit because it makes it light less ‘harsh.’ Another big problem with indoors is white balance – it can be easy to get things that look really funky! Shooting in RAW instead of JPG can help you fix white balance issues on your computer. Rose has some fantastic resources about shooting RAW!

      I lifted 255 one time…and only one time! There are always those guys who warm up with more weight than I’ll ever be able to do! But that’s fine – being there and doing your own best for that day is what matters. 🙂

  • Duni March 7, 2017, 05:50

    The gym here is actually part of the hospital’s rehabilitation center, so I tend to avoid it 😉
    Those are cool shots of people working out!

    • Natashalh March 7, 2017, 06:52

      Interesting! Is there just the one in your town? I can see why you wouldn’t want to go to the rehab center for ‘fun!’

  • BeadedTail March 12, 2017, 12:12

    It’s great you have such a diverse, supportive group to work out with! Being a college town, the college kids have taken over most of our gyms which is very intimidating. When we used to go we’d go at 4am when the kids were still in bed but any other time and I felt like a fish out of water. Makes it difficult to be motivated to go.

    • Natashalh March 12, 2017, 16:19

      I can see how that would be awkward feeling! We’re definitely lucky to have such a diverse, supportive gym family!

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