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Wellbeing Wednesday – Do not Go where the Path may Lead

Hello and welcome to another Wellbeing Wednesday! It was great to see folks chiming in on last week’s post about their favorite Dead Poets Society quotations. The movie has so many gems! Since people seemed to enjoy the transcendentalists last week, this week I decided to go with a quotation from another famous member of the school of thought:

The attribution is pretty small on the preview version – the quotation is from Ralph Waldo Emerson. As an interesting note about Emerson – he was born in Boston, but was advised to seek warmer weather for his health in his early 20s. He relocated to Charleston, South Carolina and, finding it still too cold, moved to St. Augustine, Florida! I’m sure it wasn’t the summer that was too cold, but I’m glad I’m not the only one capable of being chilly in South Carolina’s ‘winter.’ I used to work outside and I’d be ridiculously bundled up on cool mornings! Thoreau, last week’s author, was a student and friend of Emerson’s. I frequently find that my favorite authors know (or knew) each other. I’ve seen some of my favorite contemporary authors chatting on Twitter, for example!
As always, the full sized version of this image is available to subscribers in the “printables for subscribers’ menu. =)

Do you have any favorite artistic movements or schools of thought? Anyone you’d like to see featured on a Wellbeing Wednesday printable?

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