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Hello and welcome to The Artisan Life! I’m Natasha and I share craft tutorials, gratitude resources, & positive parenting tips to help you live a joyful, creative life.

DIY cactus wall hanging

Easy DIY Cactus Wall Hanging (with free printable pattern!)

This DIY cactus wall hanging is so easy to make with felt! Learn how to make this cactus pendant wall …
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9 Printable Bill Payment Checklists and Bill Trackers

Snag a printable bill payment checklist and keep better tabs on your finances! Take your pick from several monthly bill …
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What is a gratitude challenge?

Learn to Feel Gratitude with this 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Discover what a gratitude challenge is, the benefits of gratitude, and how a gratitude challenge can help you develop an …
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free printable star templates from 1" to 12"

Free Printable Star Templates

Five pointed stars, rounded stars, small stars, extra large stars, and so much more! This collection of free printable star …
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gratitude and conscious living



20+ Earth Day and Environmental Coloring Pages

These Earth Day coloring pages are fun to color with your family! Use them to spark a conversation and post them on your fridge to serve as a beautiful reminder.

Can you believe Earth Day is almost 50 years old?! First celebrated in 1970, it’s grown to a worldwide event that’s observed every April 22.

The first time I can remember hearing about Earth Day was in middle school when we were invited to do a paper bag decorating contest. I actually won the contest for my school, though I couldn’t tell you anymore what, exactly, I won! Probably the joy and privilege of having my bag on the wall at a local grocery store alongside bags decorated by other middle schoolers.  

Today I’m sharing 20+ Earth Day and environmental coloring pages to help you and your family remember the core message of making more environmentally-friendly choices whenever possible. 

These pages are great all year, not just on Earth Day!

Free-Printable-Earth-Day-Coloring-Pages [continue reading…]