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2013 – Year in Review and Top Posts

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I can’t believe it’s the last day of 2013. This year has seemed alternately slow and fast, you know what I mean? It’s been a pretty big year for me and mostly a good one. There have been a few bumps and times of unhappiness along the way, but they’ve mostly resolved themselves in the end. Here are a few of the year’s highlights, in roughly chronological order:

  • I joined the Etsy team Blogging Business Artisans and I’m so glad I did! My teammates are wonderful, supportive people and I look forward to working with them in the coming year.
  •  I began this self-hosted WordPress blog (yay!) with the assistance of my extremely talented friend Naomi and here computer-savvy husband.
  • I was introduced to Zumba.
  • I technically set foot in Japan on my way to Guam, which I actually visited. I had an amazing experience, but if you’re an American looking for a US-owned tropical island to visit, there are a few closer to home that are nicer and don’t take 26 hours of travel to reach.


  • I created Nibbles and Noshes, my food blog.
  • I became a rescheduling pro by moving our vacation dates 5 times.
  • I received my Scuba certification.


  • My wonderful man returned home from his first deployment.


  • I saw an active volcano.

Volcanoes National Park

  • I began CrossFitting regularly.
  • I made it through my student teaching experience without having a mental or emotional breakdown.
  • I finished grad school and received my teaching certification.
  • I moved literally across the country.
  • I failed to meet many of my 2013 goals. =)


Overall, it was a good year. Like I said, there were some frustrating times, like all the hours spent on hold with airlines, hotels, and car companies (not to mention the challenges of student teaching!), but everything worked out in the end. Now for this year’s top posts!

After dozens of broken bottles and tons of frustration, I finally figured out an accurate, easy way to cut glass bottles. It seems like I wasn’t the only frustrated person out there because this post has received the most views this year!

the best way to cut a glass bottle

A close second is my tutorial on how to use alcohol inks like Stazon to create dishwasher safe custom dishes. I also revealed how dramatically permanent markers and paint pens can change color in the oven!

How to Decorate Dishes with Alcohol Inks (Dishwasher Safe!!)

The third place post is my invigorating eucalyptus mint sugar scrub recipe. It’s also one of my oldest on this blog, so it makes sense that it has more views than newer posts.

Over on the food blog, the most consistently viewed post is also an ‘older’ one – a recipe for easy crepes.

Easy Crepes Recipe

I hope your 2013 went well and that you’re looking forward to 2014 as much as I am!


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  • LeAnn January 1, 2014, 05:11

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments! So glad your man is back on shore. And so happy for you that you survived a sometimes harrowing student teaching experience and came through with your teacher certification!!

    Onward and upward in 2014!
    Happy New Year!


    • Natashalh January 1, 2014, 09:46

      It’s really nice that he was around for the holidays this year. He’s currently at work for about 36 hours, but we were together last night and for Christmas Eve/Christmas. Considering they were on deployment from right after Halloween until mid-June last year, I’ll take working New Year’s Day in trade! Thank so much for stopping in – I hope your 2014 is great!

  • BeadedTail January 1, 2014, 08:58

    You had quite a year! Hope 2014 is just as memorable!

    • Natashalh January 1, 2014, 09:57

      Thank you! I’m hoping so, too. Memorable in a good way, that is!

  • Paige @ Little Nostalgia January 2, 2014, 04:18

    Whew! You had such a full year! I’m excited to hear what 2014 has in store for you now that you’re settled in.

    I remember your post about making your own custom dishes! We use our dishwasher for everything, so I was glad somebody officially debunked the Sharpie project before I went out and tried it.

    • Natashalh January 2, 2014, 09:20

      It works okay with black, but colored Sharpies just don’t work! Well, they ‘work,’ they just turn weird colors and create a huge disappointment! I agree than 2013 was pretty busy – I hope that 2014 is a little less chaotic, but it might very well not be. We’ll have to wait and see!

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