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Buck Books Paleo Event

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A lot of people seem to think eating Paleo means frying up eggs and bacon every day and eating a whole chicken for supper, but that really isn’t the case. Well, I’m sure some people do eat like that, but pretty much any sensible Paleo cookbook will tell you that vegetables are crucial for a healthy diet. I actually think people assume Paleo is all beef and bacon because our modern food system tends to make us feel like meat and grains are the only available options. Even though we’re not, strictly speaking, a Paleo household, I still really enjoy reading Paleo cookbooks and blogs because they’re inspiring. They tend to lack processed ingredients and added sugars, which are two things we do avoid. They usually highlight ways to prepare vegetables, frequently more interesting ones that we wouldn’t have tried otherwise.  They encourage snacking on things like cucumber slices and bell pepper instead of crackers and more crackers.

spinach fall salad


All these reasons (and more!) are why I’m looking forward to the Buck Books Paleo Event on November 25. Buck Books works with Kindle authors to present daily deals, usually in the form of 99 cent books. You don’t actually buy anything through Buck Books – all sales take place Amazon- but Buck Books helps organize and promote the sales events. Basically they’re a community that helps authors promote their work. A sale gets scheduled, people find out about it through Buck Books, lots of people buy the book while it’s on sale, and then the books rise in the Amazon charts and gain greater exposure. Featured books frequently make it to top spots in the Kindle store, which is pretty cool.

But I digress.

Buck Books has coordinated a Paleo book sale for November 25. At this time, there are a dozen titles at a confirmed price of 99 cents. The selection includes highly-rated cookbooks like Beyond Bacon and The Ancestral Table. Pretty cool, huh? Even if you’re not into Paleo, I think these books are helpful and can open your eyes to new ways to prepare foods. Besides, cook books are always fun, right? You can check out the full line up on the Buck Books Paleo Event page. I know I can’t wait to buy a few more books at a great price?

Not into Paleo at all? Buck Books has deals every day. At the time of writing, one of the featured books is slow cooker recipes and another is a book on how to format your WordPress website. You can sign up for a daily email notifying you of the daily sales, or you can just check the website and see them. You don’t have to sign up for anything to take advantage of the on sale books. I’m heading over to Amazon to check out that slow cooker book as soon as I publish this post!

If you’re looking to expand your Paleo library, I hope you enjoy the even! If not, I hope you find some other great book deals to fill your Kindle library. I read a lot and am not particularly impressed with our local library, so getting books on sale is always exciting for me!


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  • Mikki November 17, 2014, 10:23

    Hi there!
    Stopping by the Blogging Collective on FB!

    Love the blog! So cheery! And please tell your hubby thank you for his service!!

    • natashalh November 17, 2014, 11:16

      Thanks so much for stopping in! I’ll pass the message on when I see him again. =)

  • Laura M Funk November 18, 2014, 07:21

    Super great photos. I have been thinking of going Paleo for a while now…my only problem is my ridiculous food allergies.

    • natashalh November 18, 2014, 10:31

      Paleo can be really difficult if you’re allergic to nuts! I’m sure other allergies would make it complicated, too. We definitely aren’t totally Paleo, but I do enjoy getting inspiration from Paleo dishes.

  • Pam Green November 25, 2014, 21:26

    What a colorful salad! I love pomegranate seeds.

    • natashalh November 25, 2014, 21:36

      Thank you! I actually just finished up the last of that pomegranate’s seeds today. It’s amazing how many come out of one fruit and how much more economical it is to pull them out yourself instead of buying them in a jar!

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