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Complaint Free Week Challenge Update

complaint free week challenge - week 1 progress update

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Welcome to the Complaint Free Week Challenge week 1 update. šŸ™‚

complaint free week challenge - week 1 progress update

First off, as I already knew before the end of the first day, we were not “successful” at living complaint free for the week on our first try. It is difficult to change well-established thought patterns, so don’t be discouraged when you slip up! I like to compare ways of thinking to a worn down path through a field of high grass. You can plunge through the grass and make your own way across the field, but at first the grass will basically just stand back up and you’ll hardly be able to tell where you walked! As you follow the same ‘path’ over and over, the grass will wear down and eventually you’ll form a new path as grass grows back up in the old path. That’s what re-wiring your brain is like. It takes time, but you will get there if you keep working at it!

Second, in spite of still complaining this week, it was a super valuable learning experience and it definitely made us cut down on our complaints. We had some challenges this week (multiple car problems, both of us not getting paid on time for work done last month, a seemingly never-ending run-around with the VA, etc.), so sometimes complaints kind of slipped out! Whenever that happened, we tried to discuss how we could have communicated the necessary information to one another in a non-complain-y way. Live and learn and all that! We did also have some pretty big complaint free wins, though, where we discussed problems in a very matter of fact way without whining, blaming, or criticizing.

As promised, I have a new motivational cellphone wallpaper for you today. Simply save the image and set it to as your phone lock screen to get a motivational quotation boost every time you look at your phone!

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The lovely lady dreaming of a greener world is one of my mixed media paintings. If you like the image, please visit my Society6 store to see her on a variety of different items!

As we head into week two of the Complaint Free Week Challenge, we’re off on a trip to visit family in Miami. I know we’ll face some complaint temptations while we’re away – air travel can certainly get frustrating! I’m hoping we can do at least as ‘well’ in the coming week as during our first week. I look forward to sharing our accountability post with y’all next Thursday!

Are you taking the Complaint Free Week Challenge yet? How’d your first week go? If you’re not already giving it a try, you can receive some additional tips and advice for success straight to your inbox by joining in the challenge using the box below this post!

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