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Conscious Living

What is conscious living?

I like to call it “mindfulness plus.” Conscious living is about taking control of your life and making your decisions purposefully. Conscious living is about creating the life you want based on your values and truth, not just settling for what everyone says you should be doing.

In this section, you’ll find resources to help you live a more conscious life. There are gratitude practices, free printables, suggestions for how to become complaint free, and more. I hope you enjoy living a more creative, conscious life!

free 2019 planner printables with the phases of the moon, mind maps, visualization pages, and more!

Free Planner Printables for Your Best Year 2019

I've shared free blog planner printables for the past two years, but a bit differently each year. It took me ...
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How to Find Creative Inspiration - with free printable worksheet!

How to Find Creative Inspiration – (With bonus printable creativity worksheet!)

When I first started blogging,  I used to worry about running out of ideas - I was afraid that if I wrote ...
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50 inspirational free printables

50+ Free Inspirational Printables

For a long time I ran a series here on The Artisan Life with a motivational printable each week for ...
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How Helping Others Helps You

How Helping Others Can Lead to a Happier, Healthier You

They say that doing good does you good, and it's absolutely true. Helping others can be very rewarding, and a ...
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easy essential oil diffuser for the holidays

Easy Homemade Diffuser for the Holidays

Easy homemade diffuser for the holidays Y'all know that I am all about using natural scents from essential oils instead ...
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how to be grateful and happy

How to Be Grateful and Happy

How to Be Grateful and Happy Sometimes people think practicing gratitude means that they have to pretend to be happy ...
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how meditation helps you sleep

How Meditation Helps you Sleep

Today I'm excited to share a guest post about how meditation helps you sleep from Sara of Tuck.com! I believe ...
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foot soak for sore feet recipe

Foot Soak for Sore Feet – Magnesium Rosemary Foot Soak Recipe

Becoming a mom has made me want to take even better care of myself but has made it more difficult ...
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how to write positive affirmations that work like magic

How to Write Positive Affirmations That Work like Magic

When I first started studying affirmations, I discovered that I'd been attempting to use them the wrong way! I learned ...
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Free printable daily intentions planner in a galaxy frame with overlay text

Daily Intentions Planner & Easy DIY Dry Erase Board – Daily Affirmations Printable

DIY Daily Intentions Planner Setting daily intentions and practice gratitude are key to experiencing an uplifting, joyful day and manifesting the ...
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Photo of friends hugging with text overlay "How to Stop Judging People (with free printable worksheet!)"

How to Stop Judging People (with a free printable worksheet!)

Moving to Hawaii made me confront, and take steps to end, my bad habit of judging other people. I realized ...
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How to make a manifestation box (and create the life you desire!)

How to Make a Manifestation Box – DIY Watercolor Wood Box

Today's tutorial shows you how to make a manifestation box (or wish, prayer, or gratitude box!), but really you could ...
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Complaint Free Week Challenge

Complaint Free Week Challenge & DIY Complaint/Gratitude Jar

I am so incredibly excited about sharing today's post! I've been wanting to start a "complaint jar" for a while, ...
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What to Do at Night that Doesn't Involve Television

What to Do at Night that Doesn’t Involve Television

As longtime followers know, I grew up watching very little television. While down-sizing for our recent move, we gave our ...
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Holistic ways to relax before bedtime

Holistic Ways to Relax Before Bedtime – Wellbeing Wednesday

Recently I've had trouble getting enough sleep, and not just because of LG! I was kind of hoping that I'd ...
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Lucky Printable Gratitude Banner for St. Patrick's Day

Lucky Printable Gratitude Banner for St. Patrick’s Day

As longtime readers know, I'm all about remembering to be grateful and developing a daily gratitude practice. Although having a ...
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Wellbeing Wednesday - Spring Clean your Mindset

Wellbeing Wednesday – Spring Clean your Mindset

If I'm tired of cooler winter temps and ready for spring here in Hawaii, I'm sure the rest of you are even ...
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Yoga for Gratitude and an Open Heart

Yoga for Thanksgiving – Yoga for Gratitude and an Open Heart

Do you remember earlier when I said I wouldn't have any yoga videos scheduled for while I'm away? That turned ...
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Wordy Wednesday

Hi, everyone! I haven't posted links to my vlogs for a couple of days. If you follow me on YouTube, ...
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Daily Gratitude Challenge - Day 2

Daily Gratitude Challenge – Day 2

Instead of being wordless on Wednesday, I'm sharing my response to Day 2 of the Daily Gratitude Challenge! Yes, I officially ...
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Free Printable Gratitude Journal

Free Printable Gratitude Journal Page

My life is filled with things I'm grateful for, but sometimes I struggle to remember them. I frequently feel like I ...
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Why my (Health-Conscious) Husband and I Don't Own a Scale

Why my (Health-Conscious) Husband and I Don’t Own a Scale

Okay, so that's a tiny lie. Technically we do own a scale, but it's a postal scale for weighing and ...
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