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baked green plantain chips recipe

Baked Mariquitas Green Plantain Chips with Greek Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Green plantains will always hold a special place in my heart; the night I met the wonderful man who is ...
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cuban mojo pork tenderloin recipe

Easy Oven Roasted Cuban-Style Mojo Pork Tenderloin Recipe

I'd always heard submarines served the best food in the Navy. I'm sure many 20-something guys think a rotating menu ...
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Slow Cooker Lechon Asado Plantain Nachos

Cuban-Inspired Slow Cooker Lechon Asado Plantain Nachos

Oh, Papi Chulo. ¿Estas celoso? Don't worry, I will make these again when you are home. I can't wait to ...
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Easy Cuban-Style Black Beans and Rice

Easy Cuban-Style Black Beans and Rice

I'm pretty sure I could serve my husband black beans and rice every day and he'd be fine with it ...
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oven baked sweet plantains

Oven Baked Sweet Plantains – Healthier Platanos Maduros (Paleo-Friendly!)

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 - October 15. Although it's (at the time of writing) the last day ...
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Slow Cooker Lechon Asado (Cuban Pork Roast)

Slow Cooker Lechon Asado with Pork Tenderloin

Let me begin by admitting that nothing can truly compare to slow-roasting a pork shoulder or whole hog, but sometimes ...
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Cuban-Inspired Sweet Plantain Lasagna

Cuban-Inspired Puerto Rican Sweet Plantain Lasagna

Cuban-inspired Puerto Rican lasagna? That seems like about three contradictions in one, doesn't it? Puerto Rican sweet plantain lasagna, or ...
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picadillo made with venison

Venison Picadillo – Cuban-Inspired Ground Deer Recipe

It's finally fall, and for many people that means deer season! My home state of South Carolina has a very ...
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