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Currently Crafting – Knitted Sunny Baby Blanket

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Hi and welcome to a new series I’m trying out called “Currently Crafting!” I make all sorts of things that never appear on the blog because I either didn’t feel like making a tutorial/didn’t think folks would be interested or because I’m following someone else’s pattern/tutorial/etc. I realized that I want to share these projects, though, and offer tips, advice, and observations about the process, so here we are with my first Currently Crafting post!

If anyone ever gives you a hand knit blanket, they deserve so much respect and gratitude. Seriously. Even if the pattern is relatively simple, unless you’re using roving or a super duper thick yarn, blankets take a while to make! Even tiny baby blankets. I will admit to being a slow knitter, so I’m sure that’s part of it, but blankets are deceptively time-consuming. I didn’t realize just how much work a baby blanket would be when I decided, in early October, that I wanted to knit LG a blanket. She has a very nice cotton blanket my mom knit for her, which is great for Hawaii, but my husband recently started knitting and it made me want to start a project, too. I decided to make her a warmer blanket for our upcoming December trip to meet family using the “Sunny” baby blanket pattern available for free on How Stuff Works. You can see the blanket’s Revelry page here.

The blanket is knit in worsted weight yarn on size 8 circular needles. Circulars aren’t just for knitting in the round and large projects. My husband recently knit a ribbed scarf using circular needles instead of single points and he absolutely preferred the circulars to the long 10.5 single points he started the project with! He then used the same circulars to knit a flat baby cardigan. If you’ve never tried knitting a flat piece on circular needles, you should try it out!

For the blanket’s yarn I’m using Cascade Yarns Elysian, a superwash merino blend that’s soft and cuddly for baby and machine washable. There aren’t many yarn stores on Oahu but, luckily for us, one of them is literally two blocks away! Aloha Yarn is a small, cute store with an incredibly friendly and helpful owner.

At one point, I made a mistake and didn’t notice for several rows. A pretty big mistake – I continued the block pattern for multiple extra rows, making a rectangle instead of a square. I had to rip out my work and fix the problem, which is why I made these easy DIY row counters to help prevent the same problem again.

The blanket is a bit over half way finished in the photos above. I’m hoping I can get it completed before we head to the East Coast for Christmas! When I look back at progress made in the last couple of weeks, I’m hopeful. This photo isn’t from that long ago and the blanket is half as long!

Although she obviously won’t be able to talk to her abuelos this December, we’re already working to raise LG bilingual. My husband has been reading and speaking to her in Spanish since before she was born! We don’t want her to grow up one of those second generation immigrant kids who never really learns their family’s language and can’t communicate well with older family members. It’s kind of funny to me to think of our child as a second generation immigrant, but my husband was born in Cuba so she is!

I really hope you enjoyed this first Currently Crafting post! I look forward to sharing polymer clay projects, additional knits, and so much more in the coming weeks and months.

What are you crafting currently?




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  • Marieken November 15, 2017, 00:29

    That blanket looks so warm and comfy, I like that tone of blue.

    • Natasha November 15, 2017, 06:18

      Thank you! The merino is really soft and warm. I look forward to using it to help keep our baby warm on next month’s trip!

  • Julie November 20, 2017, 22:54

    I’ve always wanted to knit but I’ve not managed to conquer the how..! This is so cute!

    • Natasha November 22, 2017, 09:40

      I’m definitely a basic knitter, but it’s given me something to do while I feed the baby so that’s nice.

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