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Free Blog Planner Printables for November 2017

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As regular readers know, I’ve used my own blog planner printables quite a lot in 2017.  I scheduled posts ahead for our month long trip to West Virginia and the first couple of weeks after our return. After getting back in July, I immediately set to work planning ahead for the fall. I, like most babies, don’t really believe in “due dates” and have worked to be physically and mentally prepared whether baby comes “early” or “late.” If Baby is born early like I was, we’ll have a newborn at home when this post goes live. If Baby decides to stick closer to the average number of days and weeks for a first time mom, I’ll still be pregnant for a couple more weeks! That’s why I’ve tried to be physically ready to bring a newborn home any time in October, but mentally prepared for it to be November. It’s kind of funny scheduling a post and not knowing what my life will look like when it goes live! Needless to say, planning posts for November has been particularly important for me – no matter what I expect to have a newborn at home at least most of the month. So, without further ado, I present to you…free blog planner printables for November 2017!

The November calendar page is part of the entire year’s blog scheduler printable. If you don’t have it yet and want to go ahead and print the last couple of months, please stop by this post.

If you already have a calendar ready to go and just want the social media and views stats tracker page, here’s what it looks like:

free blog planner printables for November 2017

As usual, this page is available in the printables for members area. If you’re not a member yet and would like to be, you can either subscribe using the box at the bottom of this post or grab the PDF from my Selz “store” here. I’m currently sending out a max of 2 emails a month so becoming a member is totally not going to flood your inbox. As the saying goes, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Alright, fellow schedule enthusiasts, I have an important question for you!

I’m working on my 2018 calendar so I can share it in mid-December. This year I’m probably adding on some extras, like pages to brainstorm your goals. Here is my question: should I include the stats tracker page with the calendar release or continue to share the tracker page on a month-by-month basis? I feel like I’m more likely to remember my stats page when I make a point of sharing and printing it each month, but I can also see how having the whole thing printed in one go could be helpful. Which should I do?? All the pages will be finished and ready to go in 2017, I’m just not sure when to share them.

Whachya think? The whole year all at one or stats tracker pages monthly again in 2018?


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  • Pamela Baker October 23, 2017, 04:08

    This is such an exciting time in your life! I am sure no matter when your little arrives, you will find such joy in just holding the baby in your arms. Nothing more beautiful when they look up at you with such trust in their eyes!

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