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Free Printable Strawberry Sugar Skull Coloring Page

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I love, love, love! ripe strawberries. I am so excited to be back in the land of u-pick strawberry farms and hope to take LG strawberry hunting next spring. Until then, I’m celebrating strawberry season with a fun, free printable strawberry sugar skull coloring page for y’all!

strawberry sugar skull printable coloring page

Please excuse the funny black streaks on the page in my photos – I promise you they’re not part of the PDF! While waiting for our household goods to arrive, I’m using an old laser printer I found in my mom’s attic. It’s obviously not in top shape, but I’m glad it mostly works. Here, let’s take a look at this slightly improbable digital mockup šŸ˜‰

free printable strawberry sugar skull coloring page

It’s also fun to accessorize your coloring page and take photos before coloring it.

free printable sugar skull coloring page for adults

For best results, I recommend printing your coloring page on cardstock or an art-type paper, not just plain printer paper. (Although I haven’t personally tried it, this Bee marker paper, for example, is supposed to work well with most printers.) If you have a laser printer, you could print it on watercolor paper and then use wet media. I’m offering this free printable strawberry sugar skull coloring page without any login or signup. Download it from Google Drive right here!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been offering more free printable coloring pages lately and I’ll probably continue to do so for a while. Coloring is so much fun and it’s a relaxing, easily portable craft that’s kept my creative juices flowing during our move. Coloring has also been a summer vacation favorite of mine for several years. If you missed the recent coloring pages, you can find a fun, whimsical girl here and a beachy Hawaiian coloring page here!

Are there any particular themes or designs you’d like to see as a printable coloring page?

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This post includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links, The Artisan Life will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for your support!




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  • Mrs June 22, 2018, 14:22

    I love this – such a cute printable!

  • Pamela Baker June 19, 2018, 07:41

    Definitely printing a few copies – one for my son, my friend’s daughter – totally Sugar Skull freaks (not referring to them as freaks!) Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Natasha June 19, 2018, 09:06

      Keep an eye out, then, because I’ll be sharing more! I have several other sugar skull designs to share in the coming weeks/months. =)

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