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How to Write Positive Affirmations That Work (Free bonus cellphone wallpaper!)

how to write positive affirmations that work

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When I first started studying affirmations, I discovered that I’d been attempting to use them the wrong way! I learned that I’d been writing my affirmations incorrectly by focusing on the future or on what I didn’t want instead of crafting truly positive affirmations. I was also guilty of trying to use affirmations that just didn’t feel authentically me, which also detracts from their power. I know these are common mistakes when people work on creating their own affirmations, so today I’m sharing my top tips for how to write positive affirmations so you can start to create the results you want to see. (Plus there’s a free bonus cellphone wallpaper at the bottom of the post!)

how to write positive affirmations that work

Let’s talk a little bit about affirmations and why it’s so important to write them “correctly.”

As my Hypnobabies affirmations track reminded me every day during pregnancy, your mind and body can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined (read more about Hypnobabies and our amazing, comfortable birthing time in this post!). If you stress, worry, and obsess over something going wrong, then your body will move into “fight or flight” mode, you’ll send out negative energy, and, sure enough, something will go wrong. (At the very least, you’ll be so busy waiting for something bad to happen that you won’t be able to enjoy all the good things life sends your way!) This is why it is so important to always focus on what you do want instead of what you don’t want.

It is incredibly important to shift your mindset if you want to enjoy, well, whatever it is that you want to enjoy! As they say, nothing changes if nothing changes. We are constantly bombarded with negative messages. These negative messages from the media, coworkers, friends, family members, and even our own minds form limiting beliefs, stress us out, and create a cycle of unhappiness. (Want to read more about how criticism and negativity detract from your health? Stop by the Complaint Free Week Challenge!) Positive affirmations reprogram your brain to think more positively, see and expect the good, and create the vibration that attracts what you seek. This is possible through the brain’s amazing neuroplasticity, which I’m happy to write about more in a future post! I’m a huge nerd for neuroplasticity.

How to write positive affirmations that work:

Successful positive affirmations should have the following characteristics:

Present tense. Affirmations should always be in present tense. This sends the message to your brain and the Universe that whatever you want is already happening. If you write in the future tense, you create the energy of waiting for something. You’ll keep on waiting and waiting and waiting because that’s the energy you’re sending out.

Gratitude. Express thanks, gratitude, happiness, or some other positive emotion. A great starting point for writing your own affirmation is “I’m so thankful now that…” or “I’m grateful now that…”

Instead of expressing gratitude, you could make sure your affirmation contains positive emotional energy, if it’s more fitting for the situation. You can include positive words and use phrases like “I am joyfully…” or “I am lovingly…” instead of specifically expressing gratitude. Gratitude words are a more specific subset of the positive emotional energy idea, but I’m such a big believer in gratitude that I wanted to list it first!

First person. There really isn’t much more to say about this one – make sure you’re affirmations are in the first person!

Clarity and specificity. Be really, really clear on what it is you want, especially if you decide to use your affirmation for a manifesting ritual. Make your affirmation just as long as it needs to be – a sentence or two, not a paragraph.

Plausibility. Your affirmations must be believable so that your mind will accept them as a done deal. If “I’m so excited about being my ideal weight” is something your subconscious just can’t accept as true at this time, try to rephrase your affirmation to make it more plausible. “I’m thankful that I’m learning to love my body more every day” or “I’m so glad I’m taking better care of myself every day” might be more acceptable to your mind at this time.

If you’re having a bit of trouble crafting your own affirmations, you may find the printable daily intentions planner in this post a good place to start.

free printable daily intentions planner in an easy DIY dry erase board made from a picture frame

How to use positive affirmations:

It’s best to repeat your affirmations aloud every single day, at least once a day. For maximum efficacy, read over your affirmations multiple times a day. For example, in the morning, at lunch, and at night before bed. You can repeat each affirmation multiple times in a session to help reprogram your subconscious more effectivly. If you can only go over them once a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night are particularly powerful times. Repeating affirmations in the mornings helps set your intentions and energy for the day; repeating them at night helps them stay active in your subconscious while you sleep.

  • You may also want to write your affirmations down on a daily basis. If writing ‘speaks’ more strongly to you than actually speaking, feel free to do this, instead.
  • Keeping your “original” hard copy of your affirmations somewhere special, like a manifestation box, can help you create a personal affirmation ritual. This watercolor manifestation box is easy to make and a lovely place to keep your positive affirmations!

how to make a manifestation-gratitude box

Repeat your affirmations every day for at a month. Every day, they’ll become more automatic and ingrained in your subconscious mind. At the end of the month, revisit your affirmations to see if you need to update any of the to reflect newer, even bigger dreams!

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As my free gift to you, please download this motivational free cellphone wallpaper! Absolutely no sign up required! It will serve as a reminder each time you look at your phone that your thoughts shape your reality. Just right click/hold, save, and set as your background!

"I know for sure wallpaper..." Oprah quotation free cellphone wallpaper

I really hope enjoy these tips for how to write positive affirmations! Please share some of your favorite, most powerful affirmations with everyone in the comments so others can benefit from them. 🙂

watercolor luna moth with crystals and the text "Natasha" of The Artisan Life



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  • BeadedTail November 5, 2018, 10:49

    As a part of my health journey, I’ve been using affirmations so know how they can effect a positive mindset. Every group call we have starts with each of us giving an affirmation such as: I am strong; I am empowered; I am joy; I am free. I like your ideas in this post too!

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