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Hello and welcome to The Artisan Life! I’m Natasha and I share craft tutorials, gratitude resources, & positive parenting tips to help you live a joyful, creative life.

how to help your wife breastfeed

How Dads Can Help with Breastfeeding

These tips for how dads can help with breastfeeding are from a man’s perspective! If a breastfeeding dad feels left …
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The Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

Discover the best eco conscious yoga mats, including a top rated affordable eco friendly yoga mat made with jute! Many …
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Lavender oatmeal bath salts recipe

3 Nourishing Oatmeal Bath Salts Recipes for Dry Skin

I don’t think anyone likes having dry skin. I know I don’t! It seems like dry skin can strike at …
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Mother's Day Coffee Gift Ideas Under $25!

20+ Invigorating Mother’s Day 2019 Coffee Gift Ideas for Tired Moms

Let’s be honest – moms are tired! We’re always busy and pulled in every which direction between kids, our partner, …
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gratitude and conscious living



5 Cute All About my Mom Free Printables

Grab these cute All About my Mom Printables for Mother’s Day!

Admittedly, our LG is still a bit too young to use an All About my Mom printable for Mother’s Day this year, but I got excited and made a bunch of them, anyway! Next year she should be able to do one with help, so I thought I’d go ahead and make some while they’re on my mind.

I had so much fun designing this questionnaire for Mother’s Day, which is why there are five different versions.

The questions are all the same, but the graphics are different because I know that us moms are individuals who have our own preferences. Hopefully one of them suits you!

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