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Hello and welcome to The Artisan Life! I’m Natasha and I share craft tutorials, gratitude resources, & positive parenting tips to help you live a joyful, creative life.

Toddler playing with plastic frog with caption "the best frog toys for toddlers"

The Best Frog Toys for Toddlers (+ Awesome Gifts for Toddlers who Love Frogs!)

If you need a frog toy for the frog obsessed toddler in your life, you’ve come to the right place! …
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Free Printable Habit Trackers and ideas for things to track

9+ Free Habit Tracker Printables & How to Use a Habit Tracker Printable for Success

Grab these free habit tracker printables and take a look at how to use habit trackers for success! Maybe you’ve …
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100+ Positive Adjectives to Describe a Child - plus a free printable poster of positive adjectives!

100+ Positive Adjectives to Describe a Child – With Free Printable Poster!

Today I’m sharing a list of 100+ positive adjectives to describe a child (or any person). You won’t find phrases …
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Free printable Easter egg coloring pages

25+ Free Printable Easter Egg Templates & Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Welcome to this epic collection of free printable Easter egg templates and Easter egg coloring pages! I hope you enjoy …
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Crazy Easy DIY Pineapple Bookends

These DIY pineapple bookends are so ridiculously easy to make and look fabulous on your shelf!

I’ve been wanting to make my own pineapple bookends since forever. Last fall, my in-laws held an early first birthday party for our daughter. They’re Miami Cubans and our LG was born in Hawaii, so there was a tropical theme. I immediately knew I wanted to turn some of the plastic pineapple tumblers into bookends, so I brought a couple home.

Today I’m showing you how to turn cheap plastic pineapple cups like you can find at the party store into classy looking, and functional, gold pineapple bookends!

Check out these crazy easy DIY pineapple bookends! [continue reading…]