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Petomato Progress Update – Apartment Gardening

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Last Friday I posted about how we’ve decided to stop complaining about a lack of a yard and try to grow some food in our apartment. The first apartment gardening item I shared was our new Petomato, and last week’s post deals with unboxing and getting started with the Petomato. I’m very happy to report that my initial satisfaction with the product has only grown since last week. Check out why:

I “planted” my tomato seeds on Thursday, and by the following Monday there were several visible sprouts. Three of them are visible in this picture, if you look closely.

petomato sprouts

By Wednesday, every single seed had sprouted. That’s a 100% germination rate! Very impressive. Sadly, I had to thin out the extra sprouts, so this little guy is the last man standing.

petomato progress

I’m impressed by our little tomato plant’s progress in only one week. So far I haven’t encountered any problems with the Petomato and am looking forward to watching our plant grow! I’m very excited by the prospect of having home grown tomatoes before too long – it’s been far too many years since the last time I had a homegrown, freshly picked tomato.


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