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Positive Parenting

17+ Gross motor toys for young toddlers. Work off your toddler's energy with these indoor gross motor toys!

17+ Awesome Gross Motor Toys for Young Toddlers

Toddlers are made to move, even younger toddlers (or "tabies" as they're sometimes called). Our LG has been trying desperately ...
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the best wood toys for toddlers

The Best Non-Toxic Wood Toys for Toddlers

The amount of plastic toddler toys on the market can be pretty overwhelming. When you want low-tech, classic wood toys ...
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toddler approved healthy smash cake recipe

Healthy Smash Cake Recipe – No Added Sugar Gluten Free First Birthday Cake

You may have noticed that I've recently started posting recipes again. Hooray! My year+ absence from recipes wasn't entirely because ...
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The Best Chewable Baby Books

The Best Chewable Baby Books (Plus a bonus tip on getting Indestructibles flat again!)

The days when LG used to lie in tummy time, staring at her favorite board book or printable high contrast ...
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Tips for Flying with an Older Infant

Tips for Flying with an Older Infant

Our LG is quite the traveler! She'll have been on 14-16 airplanes before her first birthday (some of the flights ...
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what to do with unwanted baby shower gifts

What to Do with Unwanted Baby Gifts

I realize that this is going to be a contentious post. If you don't believe in ever getting rid of ...
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9 ways to prepare for the arrival of your newborn baby

9 Ways to Prepare for the Arrival of your Newborn Baby

The journey into parenthood can be a bit of a rollercoaster. The joy and excitement of the highs are amazing, ...
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how to best prepare for pregnancy mentally

How to Best Prepare for Pregnancy Mentally

In this post, I'm sharing my tips for how to best prepare for pregnancy mentally because we had a somewhat ...
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11 must-have baby items you don't really need (and what to use instead)

11 Must-Have Baby Items you Don’t Really Need (and what to use, instead)

When my husband and I started talking about kids, one of the things that made us hesitate was all the ...
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The best way to make grippy socks that won't fall down! So easy and inexpensive, and better for baby than hard shoes when she's crawling or cruising.

The Best Way to Make Grippy Socks – DIY Baby Grippy Socks

How to make grippy socks Baby socks: cute, essential, and somewhat frustrating. It seems like they're forever falling down or ...
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