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DIY Sunburst Headdress Tutorial – Saint’s Headband Tutorial

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Folks have asked me a lot about inspiration lately, and I have a definitive point of inspiration to point y’all to on this project!

While looking at ways to make floral crowns, I came across this tutorial for making a spiked halo headpiece. I love her channel and she has wonderful costumes, but this headpiece just would not work for me with the materials I had.

A strange series of thoughts while rummaging through supplies led me to the idea I finally loved and what I’m sharing in today’s DIY sunburst headdress tutorial. I hope y’all enjoy because it’s way super easy!

DIY Sunburst Crown Tutorial

So, to make this sun ray halo headband thingie (there seriously has to be a better name for it. A nimbus headdress?) I used zip ties. Yes, zip ties! Zip ties and gold spray paint I got for free several months ago when someone was clearing out an abandon locker at the MakerSpace.

Since first writing this tutorial, I’ve realized that it’s become very popular with people looking for a  nimbus or halo headband for nativity scenes and church Christmas pageants. If you make one of these halo headbands and use it for your nativity or play, I’d love if you could tag me @natashalhn on Instagram and @natasha5887 on twitter so I can see your work!

To make a DIY halo headband, you will need:

That’s it!

supplies for DIY sunburst crown

How to make a sunburst headdress:

1. Find the upper center point of your headband and cinch down one of the longer zip ties in this spot. This will be the top of your crown! Really pull it down tight so you won’t have to use any glue.

zip tie on headband

I guess if you really wanted to, you could stop here and have a very narrow unicorn horn. =p

2. Add 3 smaller zip ties on either side of your central long tie. Again, cinch them down as tight as possible and make sure they’re all facing the same direction!

add zip ties

3. Add a longer zip tie on each end…

…then three more shorter zip ties on each side.

keep adding zip ties

4. Continue repeating this pattern until you’ve covered most of the headband! It can get awkward to wear if you go all the way to the end, so I recommend leaving a few inches empty at the bottom.

zip ties all the way around headband

5. Protect an outdoor work surface with newsprint, a large box, plastic, or something else to prevent spray paint from going everywhere, then spray one side of your crown with spray paint. Work with short sweeps of paint and layer it on slowly instead of spraying intensely on one spot before moving on. Too much spray paint at once can lead to unsightly drips!

6. Once one side is dry, flip your crown and spray the other side. It’s okay if a little of the black zip tie shows through – I actually prefer to leave a tiny bit showing to add some visual depth.

7. Look for spots with inadequate coverage – there are always a few hiding somewhere on every project I’ve spray painted! Add some additional paint, as needed.

diy sunburst headdress

8. Once your crown is fully dry, bring it back inside to embellish, if you’d like. I used a tab of thick super glue to hold three gold beads on the end of each longer zip tie. Beads, sequins, and glitter would all look great!

add beads to crown

Get out there and enjoy your new crown. =) It really flashes when it catches the light – you know what I mean if you saw my Instagram Story on Monday.


This crown would make a gorgeous addition to a sugar skull/Day of the Dead ensemble, don’t you think? Or a nice accessory for a Renaissance saint costume? {{Because Renaissance Saint is super popular Halloween costume, right? =p }} It can also be worn as a sort of necklace…stay tuned for a sister photo to “Sunrise” above to see what I mean!

I never would have expected to use zip ties to make a sunburst crown until I tried it! What unusual crafting supplies have you used in the past?


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  • Julie October 20, 2016, 21:42

    I LOVE this!! And actually so easy to do, like super easy!! Now, I just need to figure out why I would need to wear a sunburst head dress….! 😉

    • Natashalh October 21, 2016, 08:43

      Halloween is coming!!!!
      I wanted to take photos on this particular hike, but it turned out too windy when I got where I’d imagined. Because the headdress wouldn’t fit in my bag, I had to wear or carry it while hiking. Back on the road walking towards the car, a lady stopped driving to roll down her window and tell me how cool it was, so you never know what kind of reaction you’ll get. =)

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