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Cooling Lavender Mint After Sun Spray

I don’t tan. No, really. I either stay white or I burn – but there really doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. I’m from South Carolina, and I can easily spend a couple of hours outdoors there without heavy duty sunscreen, and I gave up on sunscreen after the first day in West Virginia (a whole month outside left me with a barely perceptible tan and nothing more). It’s like I have a magic Gringa Superpower to stay so pale people ask me if I really do live in Hawaii! But speaking of Hawaii – here I can burn without sunscreen in only about 20 minutes, so I’m constantly slathering the stuff on. Even with sunscreen, I’ll sometimes end up burned, just like I did this past weekend. (Don’t worry, Mom, it wasn’t that bad or extensive! But it hasn’t been comfortable, either.)

Aloe is an amazing thing, but I can’t deny that I also love my essential oils. That’s why I created this soothing lavender mint after sun spray! It feels awesome on irritated skin, it smells amazing, and it’s super easy to make.

Cooling Lavender Mint After Sun Spray Recipe

To make this spray, you will need a glass spray bottle, mint tea, and lavender and frankincense essential oils. If you don’t have mint tea to brew, you can use a peppermint essential oil, instead.

essentail oils for sunburn

I really do recommend using a glass spray bottle, preferably an amber (these are the exact ones I use) or cobalt blue colored bottle to help protect the oils. I don’t like using plastic with essential oils for several reasons:

  • Some essential oils (primarily citrus oils) damage plastics.
  • Plastics tend to retain a lingering scent, so you can’t reuse the bottles.
  • The clear plastic doesn’t protect essential oils from light degradation.
  • It’s easy for plastic to become scratched, and these scratches can then harbor bacteria.

Just play it safe and find yourself some nice, sturdy glass spray bottles!

As frequent readers know, I use and enjoy DoTerra essential oils. (Your can read more about why on my “Why essential oils?” page) I believe there are many high quality essential oil options out there, so I won’t judge you if you choose to use different oils and please don’t judge me! No matter which oils you use, please do make sure they are high quality and don’t contain filler products that may be dangerous to apply topically. Additionally, some people do have a  skin sensitivity to lavender. The lavender oil is very diluted and shouldn’t pose any problems for the vast majority of people, but it is something to take into consideration. Please always consider your own sensitivities and needs and place them above any recipe recommendations. =)

essential oil spray for sunburned skin

To make your cooling after sun spray:

1. Make a cup of mint tea. Brew it according to directions, then pop it in the fridge to chill. I used a high-quality loose leaf tea, and I recommend something similar if it’s an option for you, but you can use whatever mint tea you have on hand. If you don’t have mint tea, you can use distilled/purified water as your liquid base.

mint tea

2. Pour about 2 ounces, or however much liquid your spray bottle holds, of the chilled mint tea into your spray bottle. Enjoy drinking the rest! =)

3. Add 20 drops of lavender essential oil and 3-5 of frankincense. If you’re not using mint tea, add about 10 drops of peppermint oil. These recommendations are based on 2 oz of liquid – if you’re making more or less spray, adjust the quantities accordingly.

add essential oils

4. Shake thoroughly to combine and spritz on for cooling relief! Store your spray in the fridge to keep it feeling extra fresh, or keep it on the counter. Because the water has been boiled, it should keep well even at room temperature.

Lavender and frankincense is probably my favorite essential oil combination! It smells absolutely amazing and is what I diffuse every night right before getting in bed. The sound of the diffuser combined with the soothing scents are very pleasant at night.

Do you have any special, “unusual” ways to treat your after sun skin when you’ve accidentally had a little too much outdoor fun?


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  • Splendid Little Stars July 14, 2016, 13:48

    That sounds like a lovely recipe! I grow mint, so I could definitely make tea with it (which I love to do in the summer anyway!) I use lavender a lot, but have never had frankincense. I can just imagine the lovely scent!
    I keep a container of aloe gel in the fridge and use that. (not the blue stuff, but the kind purchased at a health food store)

    • Natashalh July 15, 2016, 07:01

      Yum! I love fresh mint – it was always one of my favorite parts about summer at my grandparent’s house. And hooray for not the ‘blue stuff’ kind of aloe. Why do people feel the need to add weird colors to perfectly good things?

  • Duni July 14, 2016, 20:23

    It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had a tan 😉
    I love lavender in a spray! The other day I made up a bottle of energizing room freshener with lavender, citrus and thyme in it.

    • Natashalh July 15, 2016, 07:11

      Luckily for me, I accepted that I just don’t tan many years ago. It’s better for you anyway, right? Your room spray sounds amazing! I have a wild orange essential oil that I love to put on our felt dryer balls so everything comes out smelling like citrus.

  • Julie July 14, 2016, 22:56

    I tried to leave a comment but for some reason, my internet at work is sucking and the comment didn’t go through…! Anywho… This sounds a lot nicer smelling then just an aloe vera plant!! 😉

    • Natashalh July 15, 2016, 07:00

      My internet totally just randomly stops working sometimes! Yesterday it cut out twice – totally cut out and couldn’t talk to the ISP. It’s pretty annoying when hat happens so “I feel your pain!” Anyway, thanks =)

  • Cynthia July 15, 2016, 12:43

    oh that sounds wonderful! and I bet it smells amazing

    • Natashalh July 15, 2016, 21:18

      It really does smell great! I’m lucky my husband likes scent-y things, too, because I totally keep spraying it around!

  • Pamela July 15, 2016, 13:06

    I am definitely going to try this! I describe myself as “non-color” – like you I go from pink to darker pink in the sun. Spent many nights in the ER with bad burns. I use an aloe gel which I keep in the fridge.

    • Natashalh July 15, 2016, 14:08

      Eek! You’ve been hospitalized for sunburn? I know that happens, but I’m lucky enough to have never had a burn that bad. I’m sorry to hear that’s happened to you!

  • TheArtBug July 18, 2016, 00:29

    This looks lovely, thanks for sharing!! Will come in handy in Sunny Singapore!

    • Natashalh July 18, 2016, 07:08

      Yes, it certainly is sunny there! When I visited, I slathered on the sunscreen just like I do at home.

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