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Free Printable High Contrast Cards & Nursery Art

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Free printable high contrast cards

I was cleaning up files on my computer recently when I realized I’d forgotten to share my third set of free printable high contrast cards for babies! Last December I posted high contrast cards for newborns and then some cute printable high contrast cards for Christmas, but I never got around to sharing these slightly more complex designs. Just like the earlier cards, these designs were a huge hit with our LG.

free printable high contrast cards for infants

Providing interesting things to look at helped keep LG happy in tummy time when she was a newborn. As advised by my favorite pediatric OT blogger, Rachel of Can Do Kiddo, we started her on tummy time as soon as we got home from the hospital. (We may have needed out and watched her video on getting newborns in and out of tummy time a few times before LG was born so we’d be ready!) Like most babies, she’d usually only put up with a few seconds at a time at first, but we kept at it and she turned into a tummy time champ! She started crawling at 7 months (she began scooting backwards at 5.5 months, but really purposefully going forward at 7 + a couple days) so all her tummy time really helped her grow strong. Although things are trickier now that she’s mobile, it’s also such a joy to watch her go. She clearly loves being able to go after things and it melts my heart almost as much as seeing LG and her papa spending time together when she was only days old.

tummy time with a newborn and high contrast cards

Tips for using your printable high contrast cards:

  • Print on cardstock. It costs more than the usual 110lb cardstock, but I purchased a pack of 140lb cardstock to make signs for our wedding in 2014 and I’m still using it for art and printables!
  • Trim the cards using a paper cutter. I find it basically impossible to cut a straight line using scissors and then I feel bad about myself. Silly but true.
  • Instead of trimming each card individually, you can make pairs of them into bifolds that stand on their own for floor time viewing pleasure, or even tape/glue several bifolds together for one big, accordion-like string of cards. For more detailed instructions, please see my earlier post on high contrast cards for newborns.

free printable high contrast cards for infants

The printable high contrast cards are available for download from G Drive right here! No signup required – just download, print, and enjoy. 🙂

I realized that several of the high contrast designs would make super simple and appropriate nursery art for a young baby, so I resized a couple of today’s high contrast cards to turn them into printables! You can leave them 8x5x11 if you want, but the art is all inside an 8×10 space so you can trim them down for use with a standard sized frame.

free printable nursery art

Both the set of 5 suns and the crescent moon with stars are available as nursery art printables.

Download the 5 suns nursery printable here

Download the crescent moon and stars nursery printable here 

I really hope you enjoy these free printable high contrast cards! LG is growing so quickly and I have more fun infant tutorials to share soon so I hope to see you again before long!

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